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The organisation at which you are employed is keen to use Artificial Intelligence to improve an area of work. This area of work might be related to processes, products, or services. However, your organisation is not fully across the range of applications that are currently being used and how these applications are being used to solve problems, or add value to services, processes, or products. Having this knowledge would help it understand how best AI can be used to positively influence its business. To address this gap in knowledge, executive leadership has requested for information on existing applications of AI, how they have helped to solve key challenges in related disciplines and a summary of their limitations.

As a deliverable, your manager has requested a 2,000-word review written for a non-specialist audience that responds to the following question: How is Artificial Intelligence used to solve key challenges in one of the following disciplines:

  1. Food Technology and Nutrition
  2. Psychology
  3. Biomedical Science or Applied Science, in general.
  4. Chiropractic or Health Science, in general.
  5. Osteopathy or Health Science, in general.
  6. Information Technology
  7. Engineering

Your review must consist of the following sections:

  • An Overviewwhere you introduce the discipline / industry you are from and present the purpose of the review.
  • The Methodologyor approach you adopted to address the purpose of the review.
  • The main body organised into paragraphs where you describe current Applications of AI, explain how each application solves key problems and share their limitations.
  • Conclusionwhere you summarise the findings of the review and offer recommendations in the form of next steps for the organisation in their quest to use AI.


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