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ITECH2306 Agile Coding
Assessment task: Assignment 2

You will develop a moderate-sized Java program in order to demonstrate your understanding of topics
from weeks 1 to 7.
You are provided a detailed set of functional requirements which describe the behaviour that must be
exhibited by the program you create. In addition to the various functional requirements are a few other
requirements that specify suggested implementation approach to be taken. These are all detailed in
the remainder of the assignment. Make sure you read it all carefully before you commence, so you
understand what needs to be achieved. Finally, there are a range of suggested Tasks to be completed
(see next page).
In terms of marking, only half the marks pertain to the correct behaviour according to the functional
requirements, the other half of the marks are for appropriate approaches to coding (to assess your
progress towards demonstrating attainment of the skills encompassed by the learning objectives of the
If you have any questions about any of the requirements, please ask your teacher through their
preferred means of communication.
This is an individual assignment. The work must be your own work. The staff may submit your
work to specialised plagiarism-checking software that specifically compares Java programs, to identify
potential collusion between students.
You may be asked to attend an interview with the marker to explain portions of the code before the
assessment mark is finalised.

Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed to some degree, by completing this
S1. Develop object-oriented programs involving several interacting classes.
S2. Develop, compile and debug code using an appropriate IDE
S3. Manage multiple versions of source code used to create separate software releases.
S4. Select appropriate ways to represent data and collections of data.
S5. Incorporate pre-written classes, including those from an API, into software solutions.
A1. Design, develop, test, debug and release programs from supplied program specifications.

In particular, this assignment is focused on assessing your attainment of a range of the learning
objectives of weeks 1 through 7 of the course, with an emphasis on the later weeks. For more detail
on how you are marked, refer to the section at the back of this Task Specification document.

Tasks to be completed
The following is a description of the tasks you may want to complete to address the needs of this
1. Read through the entire assignment task description (all 9 pages) to understand what the program
needs to achieve and how you will be assessed.
2. Perform a textual analysis to identify potential classes (look for nouns), potential methods (look for
verbs or actions), potential fields/data (look for nouns again).
3. Develop an initial class diagram to organise your thoughts. (This is not marked.)
4. Accept the GitHub Classroom assignment by clicking the link in Moodle (underneath the link you
clicked to obtain this document) to create your repository, and then clone/link it into your IDE as you
have done in the lab classes.
5. Start coding, by taking one functional requirement to start with. Identify the tests that you might need
to check/prove that it is addressed and correct, and develop code to address it. Once that functional
requirement is fully addressed/working and tested, commit the code to the repository (you can
commit more frequently if you wish), then take another functional requirement and repeat the
process. Keep the supplementary document up to date as you go along.
6. Submit the completed work.



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