Anylogic模型代写 | COMP4038 Individual Coursework Workforce Management Decision Support


Daniel Wisher is a family owned collection of seafood restaurants based in Hamburg. There are three
restaurants across different locations in Hamburg’s Inner City. Although, each store operates in a
similar manner, each of them has their own particular features related to the size, location, etc. DS
Consulting is a business intelligence company that provides IT systems for the business to assist in the
operation of individual stores. The focus of their provision is a system that allows store managers to
estimate the food demand based on historical records, capture sales data, and manage workforce,
among other functionalities.

However, DS Consulting wants to improve their business intelligence services by incorporating modern
computational techniques into their systems. They want to explore data analytics, optimisation,
simulation, etc. They have decided to start by developing an optimisation model to schedule
employees working in an individual store based on the estimated demand. They are interested in
determine how many staff are needed in total, which restaurants they work in and have even
considered experimenting with moving staff between sites mid shift in response to increased demand.
Staff have different skills depending on their function within the restaurant.

Given your expertise in simulation optimisation, you have been assigned in DS Consulting as the lead
consultant to take this project further by applying a combination of simulation and optimisation that
provides more insights and tools for an effective and efficient management of the store’s workforce.
The simulation and optimisation should also provide metrics and statistics for understanding the
operational conditions over time (e.g. customer waiting time; staff utilisation) as well as for exploring
variations on the operational conditions.

As this is only an illustrative case study and we do not have access to a real world client, please use
realistic guesses, information from the internet, or ask me or one of the lab helpers, if you require any
operational information (e.g. staff roles; opening hours; service times) that you would normally get
from the client.



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