APP代写 | 2701ICT Assignment App Design and Prototype


2701ICT Assignment 1 App Design and Prototype

Due 5pm Friday 30 April 2021

Weighting: 30% Individual assignment


You are required to provide the design and prototype for an ionic 5 application. You are required to come up with an app idea and provide a design that complies with the minimum User Interface components requirements outlined below.

Your completed application (assignment 2) will require some basic user authentication before having full access to the app.( User data may come from a fixed array of users)

Once in the app, users should be able to input new data records, manage existing data records and provide data visualization of the data (chart) or location information (maps)

It is your choice on what your application will record.

In Assignment 1 you will provide a basic prototype implementation of the app which includes a minimum of 5 screens which have the correct Ionic components and can be navigated between the screens. Each of these screens will contain the required UI components (layout) but they need not be functional. (Except that you can navigate to each of the screens.) Static content can be used in place of dynamic content to mock the requirements of the application (Lists/ Charts / Maps / GPS etc)

In Assignment 2 you will complete the app so that it is fully functional.

UI Requirements (Assignment 1)

The app must implement the following UI Components:

  • ●  Minimum of 5 screens linked together via navigation
  • ●  Minimum 1 modal screen
  • ●  Editable list:

○ User must be able to add, edit, and delete list items ● Add images:

○ User must be able to display a user selected image ● Chart or Map:

■ The app must be able to display a chart of data collected in the app or an interactive location map. (Place holders for these are acceptable for assignment 1)

● Inputs:
○ The app must have the following minimum input types:

  • Text, Number
  • Radio button or checkbox ■ Datetime

    Design Requirements (Documentation)

    You are required to provide the following design documents as covered in lecture 6:

  • ●  Requirements Specification
  • ●  Storyboards
  • ●  Screen Flows

    The requirements specification should include the following sections:

  • ●  Overview of the project (who the app is for, target audience, what problem does the

    app solve, basic overview of app features)

  • ●  Functional requirements (a bullet point list of functionalities the app will have,

    preferably grouped by screen) – minimum 20 bullet points

    Screen designs and storyboard:

  • ●  Designs for at least 5 screens. The designs must be produced digitally (not hand

    drawn). You may use wireframes or a prototyping tool. (Max 2 screens per A4 page)

  • ●  A Screen Flow diagram showing the navigation between screens and how the user will navigate between screens (e.g., which components do they interact with).

    Coding Standards

    Create readable code. This includes

  • Consistent Commenting
  • Consistent indentation
  • Consistent Naming Scheme


    For the assignment you must implement an initial prototype of the app using Ionic 4. You can’t use an interactive prototyping tool; you must write the code for the project.

    The implementation must include a minimum of 5 of the screen designs (you may implement more). The implementation must include all components from the screen design except for advanced components (like maps), which can be replaced with static images for now. The only functionality required is navigating between screens. If your app has a list which navigates to a screen based on an item being clicked, you can simply allow all items to have the same event which navigates to the same screen. All screens must be able to be navigated to.

Your prototype must take some kind of input from the user and display on another screen. For example, it could ask for the user’s name and display the user’s name on another screen. The input should be related to your app concept.

Screen capture

Record a short video of you using the app. At this stage it will be simply navigating between the screens. Only the screen of the app is required (not the whole desktop). Ensure the video is less than 30 seconds.


Assignments will be marked in the week 8 labs. You need to ensure that your app runs either on your laptop or the lab computers. A rubric will be made available on Learning@Griffith.


Ionic project directories are large even when compressed. Zip and submit only the ‘src’ directory. The documentation should be submitted as a PDF. The video should be submitted as an MP4 file. It is helpful if the PDF and MP4 are not included in a zip and attached as separate files as we can view them in Learning@Griffith without downloading them.



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