APP代写 | COSC2675 Rapid Application Development


1. Overview
The objective of this assignment is to train on high level web development skill including task
analysis, fast development, testing and team collaboration. The different stages of this assignment
are designed to gradually introduce different scales of development.

Develop this assignment in an iterative fashion with good time management practice. You should get
started now.

If there are questions, you must ask via online forums or similar communication channels. You should
phrase your question in a general manner. The teaching team is not supposed to debug for you. Do
not post your source code. Small code snippets are fine.

2. Assessment Criteria
This assessment will determine your ability to:
1. Independently analyse the task requirement and formulate a development plan.
2. Systematically develop a complete web application.
3. Follow Ruby and Rails coding convention as described in the course materials.
4. Follow agile style of development.
5. Test application regularly and develop the application based on testing.
6. Document code when necessary
7. Use external gems or libraries
8. Control versions and stages of the development
9. Collaborate effectively with a small team.
10. Meet deadlines.

Collection: Visitors can see the full collections which are categorized into
four groups: women, men, kids and new arrivals. Visitors can see all
collections by clicking the top right button in the collection section, or see
individual category by clicking that category on the frontpage or in the menu.
The total number of items in each category is shown. Each item takes the
same space to show a photo, the name and price. “New arrivals” are items
stocked within three months. An item can be listed under multiple categories.

Saved List: When an item is clicked, it is saved in the “Saved List”. If it is
clicked again, then it is deselected. You may add a tag or icon on the item to
show that. “Saved List” is stored locally. Visitors can see their list when
revisit the site (from the same device).

Newsletter: a visitor can subscribe the newsletter. The entered email must
be valid so input like x@y@z, etc should be rejected. A text-only test email should be sent
to the enter email, e.g. your own RMIT student email.

NOTE: You should only attempt this level when you have completed PASS level.

Product detail: At Credit level, a visitor can click the item in the saved list. The details of the product
will appear. Each product may have multiple images which can rotate on
the top. Size, color and quantity can be selected (without effecting the unit
price) before adding to the shopping bag. When the “add to bag” button is
clicked or the bag icon at the top right corner of the homepage is clicked,
you app will prompt the user to login or to register.



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