APP代写 | Project task Assignment Shopify web marketing e-commerce application


Project task Assignment (Shopify web marketing e-commerce application Project)
1. Brief overview of the project that include in scope and out of scope deliverables.
2. Create WBS at least 100 tasks using MS Project
3. Generate Gantt chart
4. Generate Network Diagram
5. Create project estimate using Excel (that include detail and summary estimate)
6. Create Risk Analysis and Management
7. Create RACI for your team members
8. Prepare presentation that cover the following topics:
a. Summary of your budget estimate and findings
b. Direct and indirect estimate
c. Budget constrain
d. Budget risks if any.
Submit your work on moodle.

2. Project estimate sample:
For project estimate use project estimate template. Make sure to include direct and indirect cost for
each task.



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