AWS云计算代写 | COSC2757 Cloud Foundations Milestone


Cloud Foundations

COSC2757/ Semester 1, 2021

Milestone 1 (Case study)

1. Overview (you must read this first)

You are to attempt this assignment individually, no group work is allowed. You will use material and knowledge gained from reading AWS Academy week 1 till 5: Cloud Foundations course.

If you find a specification open to interpretation, post a query identifying the specification in the corresponding discussion board for assignment 1. Software development and deployment in real life does not come with a definitive roadmap and flowcharts complete with instructions. More often than not, it is the job of the developer/analyst to clarify requirements from the client.

All of us have been affected by the unfortunate COVID-19 scenario and its aftermath. It is often hard to concentrate and study online; but as a student enrolled in this course, it is your responsibility to regularly attend online session(s).

  • Bring your questions to online discussion board, online facilitation sessions
  • Watch the online recordings on a regular basis if you cannot attend the live sessions.
  • Do NOT start the work on assignment at the last minute.
  • Do NOT ask for last minute extensions, these are often rejected. Extensions can only be granted for personal

    and medical reasons, provided you can supply some evidence.

Learning Outcomes

  • CLO 1: Define and understand AWS and its components
  • CLO 5: Understand architectural principles , security and compliance issues in AWS Cloud

Task 1 [15 marks]

A school in Melbourne caters to a total of 5000 students from four different districts: city centre Melbourne, South Melbourne, Carlton & Richmond. The school employs 450 staff members which includes senior management, middle management, teachers and admin.

The school library is struggling due to increased online demand for the resources due to COVID restrictions. The library has lots of physical books in stock and around 20 computers. They have a very limited inventory of digital assets (books, papers, etc.) They maintain a local server room to support the digital infrastructure. This is maintained by a part-time junior system admin. The server infrastructure works on Windows 2000 platform and has not been upgraded for a while.

Owing to COVID-related restrictions and teaching moving to online and hybrid mode (part online and part face to face), there is an increased demand for digital assets and sophisticated online access. For children to be fully equipped for the current scenario and future, the school library must adapt. As more teaching and learning activities move online, it is crucial for the children and staff members to have access to all online programs and facilities.

Currently the 20 desktop computers cannot be accessed from outside the school. There is no robust search, security or access mechanism. In its current form, the library simply cannot function.

A complete redesigning of digital infrastructure of the library is required to accommodate student and staff needs. Someone recommends an AWS infrastructure implementation.

Your task is to answer the following questions:

  1. (3 marks) Which of the models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS would you recommend for the cloud implementation? Justify your answer with a supporting explanation. Your answer should not exceed a page.
  2. (3 marks) Which of the AWS services would you deem suitable for the cloud implementation in this case? Justify your answer by providing a supporting explanation. You may draw diagrams. Your answer should not exceed more than 2 pages.
  3. (9 marks) You need to figure out a total cost involved in such implementation. You need to display all assumptions made, information sourced and calculations. In particular, you need to consider costs involving server hardware, Virtual machines, CPU, RAM, operating system, storage, IT labour costs and anything else that you may think is necessary.



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