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本次Cloud Computing代写要求使用Force.com平台开发软件应用程序并且使用report介绍/演示开发的原型.


Structure of this assignment:

Assignment 2 has three assessment items as follows:
(a) Software Application Development using platform (b) Written Report
(c) Presentation/Demonstration of the developed prototype

Weight of this assignment towards the overall subject grade:

55% of the overall subject grade. The weights assigned to the three individual assessment items are as below:

  1. (a)  25% of the overall subject grade for the assessment item “Software Application Development using platform”
  2. (b)  10% of the overall subject grade for the assessment item “Written Report”
  3. (c)  20% of the overall subject grade for the assessment item “Presentation or demonstration

    of the developed prototype”.

Submission deadline and requirements:

Submission Deadline:

Software Application and written report is due on 7th June 2019 by 6 PM. The presentation/ Demonstration of will be held on 7th June 2019 during the tutorials. The time for all the group presentations/ demonstrations will be announced on UTSOnline.

Submission Requirements:

Upload a soft copy of the written report on UTSOnline.


This assignment is linked to the Subject Level Objective (4).

Academic Standards:

Please refer to the statement on academic conduct and the use of plagiarism detection software in the subject outline.

Estimated date of returning the marked assignments:

Students will be able to collect the marked assignments from the Student Coordinator’s/Lecturer’s Room (CB11.07.116). The time for collecting the assignments will be announced in the class/UTSOnline.

Expected Workload:

The expected number of hours to complete this assignment is 20-30 hours of work per person (approximately)

Late Submission Policy:

You must hand and email the assignment on time. An extension may be granted for illness, misadventure, or other extenuating circumstances beyond your control. The issue of an extension should be raised with the Subject Coordinator as soon as possible after the circumstances occur. In general, extensions will be not be granted on or after the due date of the assignment.

Written consent in the form of email should be obtained from the Subject Coordinator allowing for late assignment submission. Please note that such permissions for late assignment submissions will only be considered due to prior unforeseen extraordinary and genuine circumstances beyond your control. Late assignments submitted outside of these parameters will be deducted one mark per day late, more than seven days late assignments (without any special consideration) will receive zero marks.

Team/Group Registration:

This is a group assignment and it is expected that it will be done in groups of three students each. Students may wish to change the composition of their group, relative to Assignment 1, or may wish to continue in the same group. Any changes to group membership, relative to Assignment 1, needs to be communicated to the subject coordinator and the tutor by 20/05/2019.

If you are facing any issues within your group, please contact the subject coordinator as soon as possible. The cut-off date for bringing any issues with the working of the group to the attention of the subject coordinator is 20/05/2019.

Assignment Description:

Your organization is considering a major investment in cloud computing application development platform in areas where it may assist their business requirements. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of your organization has come to know that you recently attained knowledge of cloud computing and the PaaS. You have been requested by the CIO to demonstrate the use of cloud computing platform through a small pilot project or prototype, project report; and present your findings to the CIO and CEO. You have been given the flexibility to research and select an enterprise application suitable for the cloud prototype (such as HR Management, Contract Management, Order Management or Student Enrolment Management).

Assessment Item 1: Software Application Development using platform (25% of the overall subject mark/grade):

Make use of PaaS to engineer a software prototype to address the organization- specific business problem that you have selected. Your prototype system should demonstrate the use of following key concepts:

  1. (i)  Data Objects (Minimum three objects showing look up (association) and master- detail relationships)
  2. (ii)  Data Validation Rules (Minimum three successfully implemented data validation rules)
  3. (iii)  Organisation-wide default (Minimum one successfully implemented organisation- wide default access)
  4. (iv)  Role hierarchy (Successful implementation of role hierarchy. The role hierarchy should comprise of at least the following two roles – manager, and administrator)
  5. (v)  Email Notification (Minimum two successful implementations of email notification automation process using workflow mechanisms)

(vi) Task creation and assignment (Minimum one successful implementation of task creation and automation process using workflow mechanisms)

(vii) Time-based workflow (Minimum one successful implementation of time-based workflow)

Submission requirements for Assessment Item 1:

PaaS application development confirming to the above criteria needs to be carried out using the platform

  1. (a)  Create a unique login credentials for your group in
  2. (b)  Mention your login credentials in the assignment report and submit it by 6

    PM on 7th June 2019.

  3. (c)  Any changes made to your project in, after this time will

    render your project ineligible for assessment.

Assessment Item 2: Written report (10% of the overall subject mark/grade):

Your report should be written in the following format (adhering to the following sections)

(a) Preface Section
This section should address the following:

(i) Title of the report
(ii) Student Names (along with UTS Student ID’s) (iii)Abstract (about 100 words)
(iv)Keywords (3-4)

(b) Introduction Section
This section should address the following:

(i) Brief overview of the organization requiring PaaS implementation
(ii) How was the problem addressed/handled previous to PaaS Implementation? (iii)Rationale or business case for PaaS Implementation

(c) System Modelling Section
This section should address the following:

  1. (i)  Present the Data Model for the PaaS Application
  2. (ii)  Present the User Profile with descriptions of each profile
  3. (iii)  Present Workflow or Process Flow Diagram
  4. (iv)  Prototype System Screens and Description

(d) Conclusion and Future work Section This section should address the following:

  1. (i)  Conclude the report with your experience(s) with PaaS-based software development
  2. (ii)  Future further implementation of this PaaS application, and other areas within the organization where PaaS implementations could be done (along with rationale)

References being cited in the body of the report can be books, journals, conference articles or news articles). Your report should be written in Times New Roman Font (Size 12). Please format and structure your report legibly. Please follow “Harvard Referencing Style”. The referencing guidelines can be located at

Submission requirements for Assessment Item 2:

Send a soft copy (as .doc or .pdf file) via Turnitin link provided on UTSOnline. The deadline for submission of this assessment item is 6 PM on 7th June 2019. The written report should not be more than 20 A4 pages including references, figures, and screen shots.

Assessment Item 3: Presentation or demonstration requirements (20% of the overall subject mark/grade):

You are required to demonstrate the developed software prototype and answer questions related to the developed prototype. This will be done during the tutorials. The entire group needs to be present and demonstrate the developed prototype.

Assessment Process for Assignment 2:

The following assessment criteria will be used in grading process for this assignment.



Comments and Marks procured

Software Application Development

  • Does the developed software application address the basic concepts and criteria listed under Assessment Item 1?
  • Is the chosen case study logical and complete?

17 marks 8 marks

Written report

  • Preface section
  • Introduction Section
  • System Modeling section
  • Conclusion and future work section

1 mark 2 marks 4 marks 3 marks


  • Presentation structure and presentation contents
  • Correct answers to questions asked

8 marks 12 marks


55 marks

<Total marks>


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