Computer Network代写 | 计算机网络 | DHT P2P Chord


Broadcast Networks and Applications


  • To investigate the structured peer-to-peer strategy: Chord
  • To explore the peer-to-peer


  • This is a group assignment that contributes to 35% of the overall marks for this
    • Prefer 3 members in one group;
    • Higher level standard applies to groups having more than 3
  • There are two parts in this assignment:
    • Part 1 due on 19th September 2018;
    • Part 2 due on 30th September
  • Monitoring the progress and demonstrating your work:
    • Register your group before 17th September 2018 via
    • Present your work in week 11-12 and clarify the contribution of each member to the

Submission requirements:

  • The assignment is submitted via
  • Each group submits a Zip file with a readme.txt file if necessary, using your group ID as the file
  • Ensure the information of each team member is included in your

Late submission policy:

  • There will be a late submission period of 5 working days for this
  • Late submissions will incur a penalty of 10% per day, unless prior arrangement has been made regarding to the
  • Submissions that are received after the late submission period expires will not be

Part 1. Finger table and Chord DHT routing (10 marks).

Chord algorithm maps keys to nodes responsible for them. Finger table is employed to search data in Chord. There is a 9-bit identifier space with 10 nodes to host the keys: 0, 85, 133, 182, 210, 245, 279, 324, 395, 451.

  • Draw the ring-like address space to show the 10 nodes on the ring. (2 marks)
  • Calculate the finger table of each node. (2 marks)
  • Demonstrate the Chord routing: how to find the node that stores the key. (3 marks)
  • If the new node C (197) joins the Chord, discuss how node C establishes its finger table? Make a story to discuss how the load balancing applies when a new node joins the Chord. (3 marks)

If there are three students A (s3478345), B (s3216809) and C (s3352197) in your group, the last three digits of your student numbers, A (345), B (809) and C (197), will be used in the calculation. Modular operation applies to the numbers exceed the maximum number in the address space.

Your search starts from the predecessor of A (345), predecessor (345) is 324, the key you are looking for is B (809 mod 512).

For groups less than three members, feel free to use the numbers of B (809) and C (197) for key and new join node while the searching starts from the predecessor of your own number (last 3 digits).



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