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The desired output is a mapping platform that on the front-end allows users to access graphical (and filterable) heatmaps of homeless data across Australia (ABS data at LGA level). Some desired features are (a) a pretty/user friendly interface; (b) filtering on various parameters that we can provide, such as types of homelessness or historical periods; (c) ability to export filtered data (CSV/Excel); (d) minimal data transfer from our servers, so using overlays on top of externally hosted tiles (OpenStreetMaps say); (e) ideally written in something that we could maintain, like R and Shiny, and possibly Python (but it would be up to the students in the end). If possible, it would also be good to have a backend interface where non-technical users could upload new data.
There are also a few aspirational goals: (a) support AIHW data as well as ABS data; (b) a split-window/compare option that allows users to compare two maps, for instance across regions or time periods; (c) a meta/building interface that allows non-technical users to easily create map interfaces for other forms of data, not just homelessness; (d) data presentations at SA level (instead of just LGA). These are not strictly necessary, but would be nice features.

Nice: Homelessness New South Wales (don’t copy this, but something similar would be good, all of Australia though).

Front-end features
Interactive heat maps by LGA (Local Government Area) / region (check this).
Show all the relevant data for an LGA when selected.
Data filtering/ Legend toggle between:
-Homeless categories (ABS)
-People living in improvised dwellings, tents or sleeping out
-People living in supported accommodation for the homeless
-People staying temporarily with other households
-People living in boarding houses
-People in other temporary lodgings
-People living in ‘severely’ crowded dwellings
-Frequency (total number) and Rates (per 10,000)
-Demographics data (ages, Indigenous status, gender).


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