CS代写|Assignment 3 – Final Interactive Media Project


Intent: This project allows you to develop an individual creative approach to a design task that encapsulates the topics discussed in this course, while exploiting your new knowledge of interactive media.

Task: Create a software tool that accumulates and records live interaction inputs (any selection or combination of mouse, keyboard, image, video, audio, gesture etc.) as data before transforming the data into a static or dynamic form in one or more media of your choice. You should provide feedback in some form when the interaction is being recorded, as well as presenting a final complex form that represents the accumulated interaction inputs. You should provide a number of parameters by which the transformation may be customised. Your interaction inputs can be from any interaction input available. You may output a form in a wide variety of media including typography, 2D or 3D drawing, sound, haptic stimuli, 3D objects, print media or any other media, all of which may be synthesised or derived from processed media. Note however that a typical game does not fulfill this brief as it doesn’t record input or show a final form (Please note – as games are not appropriate for this assignment, Unity is also not an appropriate tool for this assignment).

This is a pretty open brief, so I suggest you focus your efforts on a particular conceptual design, in order to narrow down the options for exploration and development.