CS代写|CSCI 1440/2440 Final Project

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2 Tasks

This project comprises both theoretical and practical tasks.

2.1 Theoretical

Construct a model of a simplified version of both the game and the behavior of other agents. Compute, and describe intuitively, an optimal strategy in your simplified version of the game. We leave the particular details of the simplification up to you, but ideally they would be simple enough that you can derive optimal behavior, but complicated enough that your model bears enough of a relationship to the original game so that your ideas will be meaningful when implemented in your agent.

Note: If you try out a model and it turns out not to be useful, feel free to include that in your writeup! We are interested to see (at least some of) your process, not just your conclusions.

Note also: You might want to complete this theory part of the project without regard for tractability. It is quite likely that any (relevant) optimal behavior you derive will be intractable. You should address this concern when designing and implementing your agent.

2.2 Practical

Construct an autonomous agent to participate in the game, using your theory to shape its design. Describe your agent’s strategy by answering the following questions: What assumptions did you make in constructing your game model that are violated by the actual game? Is there a way to relax them so that you can more accurately reason about the game? And likewise, for your assumptions about the other agents’ behaviors. For this part of the project, you are not required to solve for (even approximately) optimal behavior.1

Describe how your theoretical model combined with your answers to the practical questions led you to your agent’s design. For everything that your agent does, you should tell us whether doing so was a direct result of the optimal strategy you derived in your simplified game, or why you were forced to diverge from that strategy, and how any heuristics you implemented are intended to compensate for its deficiencies.

In addition to arguing about the correctness of your agent’s strategy, be sure to also include in your write up complexity analyses (either theoretical or empirical) of any heuristics you implement.

1If you manage to do so, then you should iterate on your solution to the project. That is, your response to this part should become part of your theory story, and you should have another go at this question!