CS代写 | 300958 Social Web Analytics

本次澳洲cs代写是Social Web Analytics的一个限时测试

Question 1

The table below shows the counts of reach by age group and gender for a particular
facebook page.

(a) State the Null and alternative hypothesis of the test that needs to be conducted.

(b) State which test statistic should be used for the test and provide its equation.

(c) Describe the randomisation process to obtain the distribution of the test statistic.

(d) Given the following randomisation distribution and sample test statistic value of 3.1, what is
the conclusion of the test?

Question 2

Tweets have started to appear from unknown sources, using an alien language. The three most
recent tweets are:

• do da da da do
• di di di do do
• da da da da da da

(a) Should we perform stop word removal and/or stemming on these three tweets?

(b) Construct the document term frequency matrix.

(c) Construct the cosine similarity score of each document to the query “da di” by using term

(d) Which tweet is more similar to the query? Justify your answer.

Question 3

The following graph shows the relationships between a set of YouTube clips.


Using this graph:

(a) Construct the adjacency matrix.

(b) Compute the graph diameter.

(c) Calculate the betweenness centrality for each vertex.

(d) Which vertex is most central according to the betweenness centrality?

(e) Find the density of the graph.