Excel数据分析代写 | BUSMGT 712 Individual Report


Submission instructions:

Submit your report as well as your Excel file (it
should contain the data you worked on and your
calculations) to Canvas. The Excel file will not be
marked and does not contribute to your grade, but
we reserve the right to check if the information in the
report corresponds to the information in the file.

Word count:

The stipulated word count for the report is 1300
words (±10%, line spacing 1.5, font and size: Times
New Roman 12). The word count includes tables
but excludes the cover page, the executive
summary, reference list and any appendices. Your
executive summary should be on the cover page
and should not exceed 200 words.

Graphs, tables and charts:

Graphs, tables and charts should be produced using
Excel or other statistical software. Please note that
graphs, tables and charts should only be used to add
real value to the analysis, so they need to be selected
and created carefully, and when included, must be
discussed in your text.


Please use a professional report structure that
includes an executive summary, introduction,
conclusion (recommendations), and reference list.
Organise your work using headings and sub-headings
and check your grammar and punctuation carefully.

Other instructions:

A draft can be submitted via Canvas for language
feedback from the Business Communication Team,
up to 60 hours prior to the submission deadline.
Answers should be word processed in Word or PDF


You should use a minimum of 4 references in APA 7
format to support your analysis in sections A2 and
B, BUT NOT A1, as you are only required to
compute and work with the data provided in A1.
(in-text references are included in the word limit, but
the references list is excluded).


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