IT代写|Information Technology Project Writing a Project Proposal

这是一个Project Proposal的IT代写案例

Project Proposal

The first assessment is a short-written proposal describing the project you intend to complete this semester. This document should outline what you intend to work on as well as providing context and motivation for the project. You should consult with your supervisor to determine if they have any specific requirements for the proposal.

Since each project is different, the content of your proposal will need to be tailored to that specific project. However, a proposal would generally answer the following questions:

• What is the project you are working on?
• What the goals for completing this project?
• What is the motivation for this project?
• How is the project related to existing systems/methods/research?
• What is new or unique about this project?
• What is your intended method for approaching the problem?
• What would the significance of successfully completing this project be?


The proposal should be written at a level understandable by your fellow information technology students. They will have an understanding of information technology and programming but are unlikely to have any knowledge specific to the particular domain of your project.


The proposal should be 2 to 3 pages long including the following information: • Project title
• Author information (names, IDs, roles and email addresses)
• Supervisor’s name

• Brief outline of the project (a concise description of your project and answer all or some of the above questions)

• Estimated timeline
• Deliverables
• Team responsibilities
• References to relevant projects/publications (1-3 would be sufficient)