IT代写 | FIT4005 / FIT5125 Research Methods for IT Assignment 2

Task 1: Critique the provided questionnaire based on your understanding of good questionnaire design. Identify the most significant 6 different problems with the questionnaire, an example question for each problem, and your proposal for how each example question could be improved.

Task 2: You must develop an additional sub-topic for the questionnaire. Create a sub-topic heading, a description of the sub-topic, and 4 additional questions that could be included within this sub-topic. Briefly justify why each new question should be included.

Assessed Exercise

“Planning and conducting an interview”

Task 1: Create an interview schedule for a semi-structured interview of students. Include at least 6 questions in your interview schedule (not counting any follow-up “probe” questions). Add your schedule to the assessment template for Week 5 (provided on Moodle).

The goal of the interview is explore the following topic:

Students had diverse experiences completing their studies during the pandemic. We are interested in their experiences and the opportunities for technology to support this type of situation in future.

Task 2: Recruit a fellow student (from any unit, program or course) to interview. Make sure you audio record the interview. Make sure that your participant fills in a consent form (provided on Moodle). Submit your consent form and audio file to Moodle in additional the the Week 5 template with your answer.

Task 3: Transcribe the interview. Use intelligent transcription, rather than verbatim transcription (which usually takes much longer). Add your transcription to the assessment template for Week 5 (provided on Moodle).