IT代写 | Assignment 2 Suggested Topics


As part of this assessment item, you are required to do the following:

  1. Choose any topic from the list below.
  2. Research this topic in depth.
  3. Implement any software to demonstrate or explore the topic in practice.
  4. Evaluate your findings.
  5. Reflect on these findings and your experience in researching the topic in relation to what you have studied in this Unit.

Length of Report: 8-10 pages, excluding references and appendices.

Suggested Topics:

  • Supercombinators
  • Creative Extension Principle
  • Continuations
  • Aspects
  • Prototype Based Programming
  • Programming Language Design Principles
  • Quantum Computing
  • Alice (multi-paradigm language)
  • Oz (multi-paradigm language)
  • Rust
  • Covariance and Contravariance
  • Decidability
  • NP-Completeness
  • Dependency Injection
  • Constraint Programming
  • Concurrent Programming Paradigms
  • Dataflow Programming
  • Language Embedding
  • Java 8 Streams
  • Java 9 Modules
  • Tensorflow
  • React.js
  • ECMAScript 6 Classes
  • Asynchronous programming with  async and await in C#
  • Any other topic agreed with the Unit Coordinator
  • Functional Reactive Programming in Swift
  • Using F# for big data processing
  • ELM
  • Kotlin
  • Haskell

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Structure and Organization (50%)
  • Topic is covered in a systematic and structured manner.
    • report divided into logical, coherent sections and subsections.
  • Ideas are sequenced so as to tell a coherent story
    • terms and ideas are explained before other topics that depend on them.
  • Doesn’t assume that the reader already understands the topic being presented.
    • your target audience is your fellow CAB402 students.
  • Ask yourself “if you were that other student, and you didn’t already understand this topic, how would you like it explained to you?”.
  • Explanations supported by relevant concrete examples.
  • Includes references to authorative sources of information and other sites you found particularly useful.
  • Figures, Tables, etc are labelled, well formatted and easy to understand.
  • No spelling or grammatical errors.
  1. Depth of Understanding and Insight (50%)
  • Ideas and concepts explained in your own words.
  • Any verbatim quotes from other sources should be included in “quotes” with references.
  • Complex ideas are explained in a clear, simple manner that makes them easy to understand.
  • Create your own examples to better explorer scenarios you didn’t previously understand.
  • Demonstrate via your explanations that you have acquired a deep understanding of the topic.
  • Don’t just parrot what you’ve read, especially if you don’t understand what it means.
  • Demonstrate insight by including your own analysis, commentary, critique and opinions.
  • Reviewing and assessing evidence, facts, and ideas, then making appropriate statements and judgments.



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