IT代写 | ICT30005 Assignment 3: Professional Capabilities Reflection & Online Quiz

本次澳洲代写主要为Professional Capabilities Reflection的assignment

Overview of your task
In your final assignment for ICT30005 you have two (2) tasks to complete.
Your first task requires you to reflect on your Professional Capabilities as a result of your journey
through this unit of study.
Your second task requires you to complete ‘The Good/Clean/Fair ICT Online Quiz’.
Let’s look at what is involved in each task.
Task 1: Reflection
Task 1 contributes 25 marks towards your Assignment 3 Grade and it has three (3) broad topics to
• Topic 1 – Taking ownership of your learning;
• Topic 2 – The value of professional education; and
• Topic 3 – Your semester-long journey preparing you in becoming an ICT professional
This reflection is a meaningful professional purpose statement. Persons who understand their
professional purpose are more likely to gain the full value of their education. The reflection

encourages you to reflect strategically on what you have learned through progressing through the
ICT30005 PIIT unit of study and encourages you not only to think about your next stage of
development but the importance of lifelong learning.
In order to improve as ICT professionals, we need to develop the habit of linking and constructing
meaning from our experiences. This practice is referred to as reflection. Reflecting on our
experiences encourages insight and learning. Meaning is derived from both the learning content
and the process of learning it.
When we are continually reflecting on our learning process we are actively engaged in our learning.
Task 1 allows you the opportunity to critically self-examine YOUR journey through the ICT30005 PIIT
unit of study and the processes involved (from the group dynamics of the investigative case study,
your individual research for the briefing paper and reflecting upon your level of preparedness for
being an ICT professional who is/will be faced with an array of issues and challenges).
In essence, this assessment wraps up your learning experience by asking you to explicitly describe
the role of professional education within the ICT domain, how you are able to go about gaining
awareness of the skill set required and ultimately, capturing and utilising these skills and knowledge
from your degree.