IT代写 | ICT30005 Professional Issues in IT Assignment 1


Overview of your task

This assignment has a Group & Individual Component. Student groups will be introduced to the realworld Swinburne ICT4 Social Impact INDIA Project and use that project as an investigative case study to explore a set of the United Nations Sustainability Goals (UNSDGs 4, 5 & 15) and propose a sociotechnical solution to a problem faced by the India Project or similar stakeholder community for a particular SDG. The individual component is an online quiz based on the UN SDGs

Steps in the process A. Your group will be introduced to the ICT4 Social Impact INDIA Project by the ICT30005 Unit Convenor, INDIA Project Academic Leads, CERES Global Representatives, the project PhD student and/or other project alumni. Examples of how the ICT4 Social Impact INDIA Project team address UNSDGs 4, 5 and 15 will be described by the guests and in pre-recorded videos. B. Your group will begin researching the UNSDGs broadly (history, purpose, aims). C. Determine your chosen focus Goal (4, 5 or 15) after identifying a problem from the ICT4 Social Impact INDIA Project which your group would like to attempt to address. D. Research proposed socio-technical solutions (the technology you select to deploy to help address the community problem in INDIA or a similar stakeholder community around the world and address your chosen goal). E. Let the ideation and imagineering begin. Design a conceptual solution capable of being implemented into the community in the field by the next visit/iteration of the ICT4 Social Impact INDIA Project or other location around the world. F. Create a narrated video presentation based on your proposed solution. The narrated video presentation is the main deliverable for Assignment 1. G. As an individual, attempt the online quiz based on the UN SDGs.

The presentation The narrated video presentation should be conceived of as being delivered to senior executives of a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) who wish to be briefed on your findings. The presentation should, as a minimum: • Use a professional PPT or Prezi template; • Provide an applicable solution title; • Provide an introduction to your group members; • Outline the objective of the presentation; • Briefly highlight the background of UNSDGs; • Briefly highlight the ICT4 Social Impact INDIA Project and the infrastructure and digital literacy constraints of the village communities; • Pose the question(s) your group set out toanswer; • Discuss how your team designed an approach to the problem with a focus on your chosen Goal and technology; • Draw appropriate conclusions and persuade your audience and colleagues of the viability of those conclusions; • Provide evidence of research conducted; • Provide evidence of academic practice with appropriate referencing; • Consist of appropriate impactful imagery and narrative; • Have contributions to the narrative by all group members; • Be 7 minutes in length; • Consist of 10 slides; • Be well edited for typos; and • Be submitted along with a text transcript of the narration (i.e., the script of the spoken words).




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