IT代写 | New Virtualization System for A Small Enterprise


The Assignment

Your assignment is to plan out a new system for a small enterprise that is planning on using virtualization to improve their resource utilization.  For this assignment you are to imagine that you are the administrator in charge of designing and configuring a virtual infrastructure in your company’s production environment.  Note that you may not need/want to virtualise everything in your company.  The decisions on what should be virtual are part of the design. Details of the specific requirements are provided below. You will design the VMware and network configuration for a company system, specifying the following:

  • Virtual switches
  • Ports and port groups
  • Port group policies
  • Physical connections
  • Host Configurations
  • Server Hosting
  • VM Configuration
  • VCenter Configuration

** note 1. that you are not to go to town picking networking switches and configurations of them.  (I leave that for Grant) I am happy if you give some model suggestions, prices and features that they require.

** note 2. that you don’t need to worry about the internet components of the system (CDN’s for example).  You are simply making sure the end points within your company network are supported.

** note 3. some of you might think that some of the components should be hosted completely on the internet (cloud services).   The company distrusts hosting itself on the net so the CTO has decreed that no additional services may be cloud hosted.  You may make an argument that some should, but we need some meat for the rest of your assignment.


The Context

For this assignment imagine you are going to virtualise a chain of game shops.  This game chain has 5 stores spread across three cities (Hobart, Adelaide and Darwin).  In addition they have a warehouse/office for a total of 6 physical sites.  These physical sites are connected together over a 1G network connection which is reliable and robust and will not be replaced as part of this project.

The main site hosts the following physical servers.

  • 1 x Primary Web Server (Server LAMP, i7,8Gb,1TB) (acts as the company website)
  • 1 x Backup Web Server (Server LAMP, i7,8Gb,1TB) (acts as the company website) which is mirrored from the first machine incase of an outage.  Hacky installation as a reaction to outages of the primary server.  Essentially someone plugs the network cable over to the backup when there is an outage.  (ughhh terrible)
  • 1 x Email Server Exchange (Server Win10, i7, 32Gb,8TB)
  • 1 x SharePoint Server for documents (Server Win10, i7, 32Gb,1TB)
  • 1 x Transaction Server (Server LAMP, i7,8Gb,1TB)  (does credit card transactions + store transactions)
  • 1 x Customer Server (Server LAMP, i7, 12GB, 1TB) (stores the customer records, number of loyalty points etc..)
  • 5 x PCs



Each of the Store locations have

  • 2 x Cash Register Computers
  • 1 x Office PC



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