IT代写 | COSC 7370C Manage ICT Projects 


Program Name: C5341 Diploma of Information Technology
Course(s) COSC 7370C Manage ICT Projects  (ICTPMG501)
Semester & Year Semester 2, 2019
Teacher Name & Contact Details Nicky Sephton, [email protected]

Eileen Shields, [email protected]

Project Specification Release Date Week 2
Due Date End of Week 15
Title of Assessment Task: Portfolio of Project Documentation – Nrithyopasana School of Bharatanatyam (NSB) Android Application


Nrithyopasana School of Bharatanatyam (NSB) Andriod Application Project: Initial Specifications

Business Background:

The Nrithyopasana School of Bharatanatyam (NSB) was started in 2013 in Melbourne to teach Bharatanatyam which is a form of classical Indian dance. Currently the school has a facebook page which is:


NSB dance school is known through their performances. That is how they grow the business, through people seeing their performances and through word of mouth from dancers/students and their parents and friends.


They currently have three locations, with 50 students in total in the age range of 5 to 35 years old. There are no restrictions on gender, but currently there are only female students. They are not looking to expand in the next five years, but do hope to do so ultimately. And they are also not looking at increase enrolment targets but do hope that enrolments increase organically (word of mouth). There is currently only one teacher.

The schools mission is to promote the art of Bharatanatyam dance form across many cultures, and to build the students innovation and creativity once they have mastered the physical focus and discipline of the traditional form.

The schools vision is to introduce and encourage the art to the greater community and to increase the number of enrolments.

The school values tradition, discipline, creativity and innovation.

Their short-term business objectives for this year is to set up and create more workshops, and to assess the students in preparation for their external and formal certification exams.

The greatest challenge facing the school currently is in communication with parents. One in three messages to the parents are getting lost.

The school would like a mobile application to assist them to communicate more effectively with the parents. They believe this will eliminate frustration and help the school save 45 minutes to an hour of the school’s owner and principal teacher each month. Additionally, they hope that it will promote goodwill with the parents and differentiate itself from other competing dance schools.

Initial Project Objectives, Requirements and scope

The dance school would like an android application in which could aid in the communication with the school, parents and students.

The Initial features should include:

  1. Splash screen with the logo of the dance school appearing when the application starts.
  2. The first Activity/Screen should provide the user with the various options of what the teacher could do. The options that should be available are:
    1. Ability to create a Profile for a new student on enrolling in a specific class. Minimum details of the student like name, roll number, parent name, contact number and email address should be entered and stored in a database.
    2. There should be an option to enter the Attendance of a student attending a class. There should also be an option to see the details of any student, changing the attendance status and if possible delete the student on entering the unique roll number.
  • There should be an ability to add Notes and save them easily and quickly. Notes can also be associated with a subject so that it will be popped up when the teacher takes attendance for that subject.
  1. There should be a Scheduler which should be basically used to schedule a event so that the teacher would not need another application as reminder.
  2. There should be a Communication option where the teacher is able to send an email to the registered email on matters like payment of fees, cancellation of classes etc.
  3. There should be links to website, social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  1. The style or look of the application should match the current branding of the school, based on existing business cards, flyers, poster and brochures.


Teams will need to demonstrate the application and present project processes to the teachers initially, and then if the application is selected, presented directly to the client.


User documentation outlining application functions and disaster recovery recommendations will be required.







Appendix A:

Definition – What does Bharatanatyam mean?

A form of classical Indian dance, bharatanatyam is a physical expression that centers on displaying the divine or spiritual aspects through the body. In Sanskrit, bharatanatyam means “Indian dance” and is believed to have divine origin. It is considered the most ancient form of classical Indian dance, as well as one of the most popular.

Bharatanatyam has many dimensions. They include body movements, facial expressions, hand gestures, footwork, costumes, music, repertoire, and themes of performances. Because Bharatanatyam is so well developed, all these aspects of the art have been codified and are documented in ancient scriptures as well as recent books.



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