Java代写|COM3503 3D Computer Graphics: Assignment

本次英国代写是一个Java OpenGL场景动画建模的一个assignment

1. Introduction

The assignment will involve using modern OpenGL to render a scene. Scene graphs are required in the modelling
process and animation controls are required for hierarchical models.

2. The task

Figure 1 shows a room scene containing three objects, a robot and a window looking out onto a view. The whole scene
can be modelled using transformed planes, cubes and spheres. The scene shows five poses of a robot that has entered
a museum exhibition room. Pose 1 is on entering the room. Pose 2 is viewing a large mobile phone displayed on a
plinth. Pose 3 is viewing a spotlight on the floor as it swings side to side on a stand. Pose 4 is viewing a large egg on a
stand. Pose 5 is looking out of the window.

Figure 1

3. Requirements

You must satisfy all the following requirements.

3.1 The room

• Only two walls and a floor for the room should be

• The walls and floor should be texture mapped to look
like a room in a museum. For example, the floor could
be made of wood. The walls should have a paint
pattern on them.

3.2 The window

• An outside scene can be seen through the window,
for example, this might be a garden scene or a city
scene. You could use a picture out of a window in
your own accommodation or you could invent a

• Consider how you might do the scene outside:

o Should it be a texture map pasted onto the wall
to look like a fake window and a scene (Figure 2a).

o Or should there be a hole in the wall and a texture
map pasted onto another surface that is a certain
distance outside the window? This will mean
making the wall from a set of pieces, e.g. eight
abutting pieces with the window as a middle
area. Figure 2b illustrates this.



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