Java代写|SCC300 The Third Year Report



The third year project is an opportunity for you to exercise your
practical problem solving skills; but it is equally an opportunity to
develop and exercise your communication skills. In particular, you
need to communicate the results of your project in your report. The
importance of the report cannot be over-emphasised as it is the main
basis for the assessment of your work.

In terms of presentation, the report should be typeset on A4 paper. It
should be single spaced in Times New Roman with a font size not
smaller than 12 point. Each new chapter of the report should start on
a new page, and the pages should be numbered. It should not
normally exceed 12,000 words excluding front matter, references and
appendices, but speak with your supervisor if you have concerns
about this.

Note, however, that it’s quality rather than quantity that is being
looked for, and that waffle and irrelevancies will be penalised rather
than rewarded! Discuss the length of your report with your supervisor.
You can get a good idea of expected length of reports by looking at
past students’ reports.

All undergraduate projects involving user participants must conform
to the University guidelines on ethics, and be approved by your
supervisor. Be sure that you have used the ethics self-assessment
forms posted on the SCC300 Moodle space. If you have worked with
participants during your project, you may be asked about your ethical
procedures during your project demo.

Suggested Report Structure

Below is a suggested structure for the report. As indicated below,
you should decide upon a structure that best communicates the
nature of the work done, your results and analysis. For example, a
project that involves the design of a complex underlying system and a
user interface may require two design chapters. You should discuss a
suitable report structure for your specific project with your supervisor.

Abstract: You should create a short abstract (200 words at
maximum) which is on a page by itself. The abstract should be a very
high-level overview: for example 1-2 sentences on the aims of the
project, 1-2 sentences on the kind of design, implementation, or
empirical work undertaken, and 2-3 sentences summarising the
primary contribution or findings from your work. The abstract
appears in the front matter of the report: after your title page but
before the table of contents.

Introduction: Start with a brief statement of the overall aim of the
project. Give an overview of the problem being addressed by the
project. Describe aspects of the background such as why the project
is worth doing, how the project may be useful or helpful for others.
Then state the aims of the project (preferably as bullet points). End
the chapter with a brief chapter by chapter overview of the rest of the

Background: Analysis of background research and reading.

Summarise technical problems and approaches. Discuss any relevant
work and/or existing related systems. For related work and systems
also discuss their implications for your project. For example, any
improvements that your system offers, shortcomings that your work
addresses, and so on. Justify your choice of platform, software,


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