Java代写 | 4120_COMP_SCI_X_0013 Assignment 2



This task intends to provide you with experience in REST APIs. You are given the requirements of a Service RESR API that allow users to address experts’ data entities.

You will find “Topic Videos and Slides” of Week 6 on the unit site to be particularly useful as a reference for this task. Please also keep an eye on your email and any announcements that may be made on Cloud Deakin.

Submission Details

You must ensure that all your program files used for this task sit in a directory called “Task 6.1P”. All files required to be uploaded and a link to the “Task 6.1P” directory must be submitted by using the task submission page to OnTrack. Please do not upload node_modules directory. You could also submit your GitHub link. Please make sure that I have access to the folder. This is an individual assignment, and you should submit by 8pm AEST, Friday, 10 Sep 2021, (Week 8).


You need to design a REST API for iService Application, called Service REST APIs. This API provides access to experts’ data entities as resources via URI. The experts’ data entities are also operated by HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE. These resources will be returned as a representation encoded in JSON. The Service REST API offers the following features:

1. Retrieving, adding and removing experts [URI: /experts]
2. Retrieving, updating and removing a specific expert [URI: /experts/:id]
3. Updating a specific expert’s address and mobile phone [URI: /experts/:id]
4. Updating a specific expert’s password [URI: /experts/:id]

To use a Service REST API, the iService application will make an HTTP request and parse the response.