Java代写 | Assignment 2 – Project: Distributed System and Application

本次澳洲代写主要为java socket分布式共享白板的assignment

Project: Distributed Shared White Board
 In these slides, we are offering mainly guidelines for satisfactory
work, but be innovative and creative, which will be valued a lot.
 Team/Members Size: 1 – Individual (like Assignment 1).
 General help: Ask your tutor during/after tutorial session. Also
use “Discussion Board” in LMS.
 Marks Allocated: 25
 Note: We expect all students to just finish and submit only the
features noted in this specification.
 To help you in planning, we proposed:
 Basic Features (first complete a system with these features as they are
 Advanced Features

Shared White Board – Distributed Users
 Shared whiteboards allow multiple users to draw simultaneously on a
canvas. There are multiple examples found on the Internet that
support a range of features such as freehand drawing with the
mouse, drawing lines and shapes such as circles and squares that
can be moved and resized, and inserting text.

Main Challenges
 Dealing with concurrency
 Regardless of the technology you use, you will have to ensure that access to
shared resources is properly handled and that simultaneous actions lead to a
reasonable state.
 Structuring your application and handling the system state
 For example you can have multiple servers that communicate with each other or a
single central one that manages all the system state.
 Dealing with networked communication
 You have to decide when/what messages are sent across the network.
 You may have to design an exchange protocol that establishes which messages
are sent in which situation and the replies that they should generate.
 If you use RMI, then you have to design your remote interface(s) and servants
 Implementing the GUI.
 The functionality can resemble tools like MS Paint.
 You can use any tool/API/library you want.
 e.g.: Java2D drawing package



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