Java代写 | COMP 1020 Lab 4 Multidimensional arrays

本次美国作业案例是一个programming language and translator的编程代写限时测试

Intro: Q1

Q1. What advantages are there to a language-processing
system in which the compiler produces assembly language
rather than machine language?

Intro: Q2

Which of the following terms:

a. Imperative,
b. Functional
c. Scripting,
d. Static,
e. Dynamic

Apply to which of the following languages:

1. C
2. C++
3. Java
4. Scala
5. Perl
6. Python
7. JavaScript

Intro: Q3

What is printed by the following C code?

#define a (x + 1)
int x = 2;
void b() { x = a; printf(“%d\t”, x); }
void c() { int x = 1; printf(“%d\n”, a); }
void main () { b(); c(); }

Lexical Analysis: Q1

Try to describe the language defined by the following regular expressions:

1. a(a|b)*a
2. a*ba*ba*ba*
3. (aa|bb)*((ab|ba)(aa|bb)*(ab|ba)(aa|bb)*)*