Java代写 | COMP603: Program Design & Construction – Projects

本次Java代写主要要求学员创建一个Java控制台程序,这个程序的主要功能是模拟一个公司管理系统对Melbourne CBD的公寓进行管理,所有管理操作以Java Console的形式进行展示,同时要求需要使用UML建模工具设计User Case Diagram(用例图)、Class Diagram(类图)。

For this assignment you need to write a console application in the Java programming language which allows a company called FlexiRent to manage the renting and maintenance of various types of rental apartments in Melbourne CBD. Unlike traditional hotels, FlexiRent offers stylish 1, 2, and 3-bedroom Apartments and Premium Suites for short-term stays in Melbourne.

Rental Property

Each rental property managed by FlexiRent has the following attributes:

  • Property id: a string which uniquely identifies each rental property, the id should start with A_ if the property is an apartment and S_ if the property is a Premium Suite

Example of an Apartment ID: A_700BSMEL for 700 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Example of a Premium Suite ID: S_633WMSB for 633 Whiteman Street, Southbank

Note: You are free to use your own format, as long as each rental property is uniquely identified, and an Apartment id starts with A_ and a Premium Suite id starts with S_

  • Street number
  • Street name
  • Suburb
  • Number of bedrooms of the property
  • Property type: FlexiRent currently has two types of rental properties; Apartment and Premium Suite, whose different details are shown further down
  • Property status: employees of FlexiRent will inspect this attribute to determine whether the property is currently available for rent or being rented or under maintenance

Furthermore, each rental property also keeps its own collection of Rental Records. These store information about the 10 most recent times that property has been rented.

Rental Record

Each Rental Record has the following attributes:

  • Record id: a string which uniquely identifies each rental A rental record id is constructed by concatenating the following three attributes

propertyId_ + customerId_ + rentDate (8 digit format: ddmmyyyy)

Example 1: Customer with id CUS0011 rented an apartment A_668BSMEL on 14/07/2018, then the rental record id will be: A_668BSMEL_CUS0011_14072018

Example 2: Customer with id CUS0039 rented a premium suite S_63WMSB on 12/07/2018, then the rental record id will be: S_63WMSB_CUS0039_12072018

Note: In Assignment 1, each customer is simply represented by a unique string of customer id of your choice. There is no need to implement a class to store customer information.

  • Rent date: the date when a customer rents the property

Source code of the is provided to you. Please click here to access the code.

  • Estimated return date: the calculated date given the number of days a customer wants to rent the property (provided when a customer wants to rent that property) and the rent date shown above

Example: a customer wants to rent a property on 14/07/2018 for 3 days, hence the estimated return date will be 17/07/2018

  • Actual return date: the date when the customer actually returns the property
  • Rental fee: the fee calculated based on the type of property, the rent date and the estimated return
  • Late fee: the additional fee which must be calculated when the actual return date is after the estimated return date

Note: Apartment and Premium Suite have different formulae to calculate rental fee and late fee, which will be shown further down



As mentioned above, FlexiRent has two types of properties for short-term rental. The first type is Apartment, which has the following characteristics:

  • Each Apartment can have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms
  • Each Apartment can be rented for:
    • a minimum of 2 days if the rental day is between Sunday and Thursday inclusively
    • or a minimum of 3 days if the rental day is Friday or Saturday
    • and a maximum of 28 days
  • Apartment type has the following rental rates:
    • $143 per day for a 1-bedroom apartment
    • $210 per day for a 2-bedroom apartment
    • $319 per day for a 3-bedroom apartment
  • If an Apartment is returned earlier than the estimated return date, there is no additional fee applied and the rental fee is calculated based on the rent date and the date the Apartment is returned (actual return date)
  • About late fee:
  • If an Apartment is returned later than the estimated return date, then the rental rate of each late day is 115% of the normal daily rate for that Apartment type. For example, a 1-bedroom Apartment has a daily rate of $143 as shown above. Therefore the rental rate of each late day is 115% of 143 = 115/100 * 143 = $164.45
  • An Apartment has no fixed maintenance schedule. FlexiRent can perform maintenance on an Apartment at any time that there is no customer renting the Apartment

Premium Suite

The second type of rental property FlexiRent offers for short-term rent is called Premium Suite. It is even more spacious, with an excellent view of Melbourne CBD. Each Premium Suite has the following characteristics:

  • Each Premium Suite always has 3 bedrooms
  • Each Premium Suite can be rented for a minimum of 1 day
  • The rental rate of a Premium Suite is $554 per day
  • About late fee: if an Apartment is returned after the estimated return date, then the late fee is calculated at $662 per day
  • Each Premium Suite has a strict maintenance schedule because FlexiRent wants all their suites to be in the best possible conditions. Therefore, they specify the following requirements:
  • All Premium Suites must have a maintenance interval of 10
  • Each Premium Suite must keep its last maintenance date. Maintenance operations for a suite must be done no more than 10 days (as specified by the maintenance interval above) after its last maintenance date.
  • Customers will not be allowed to rent a suite for a time period which exceeds the date on which maintenance operation must be

Example: a Premium Suite is available and last underwent maintenance on 15/07/2018. Maintenance must be done for that suite no later than 25/07/2018. Therefore, if a customer wants to rent that suite on 21/07/2018 for 5 days, the FlexiRent system will reject that request.