Java代写 | Distributed and Mobile Systems Assignment Four

本次新西兰代写主要为java netbean自定义app开发的assignment

Distributed and Mobile Systems
Assignment Four

The purpose of this group assignment is to develop a useful application with
both server and mobile components. The application will involve information
being shared between clients, and will utilise messaging on the server and either
location based services, Bluetooth, or near eld communication on clients.
The system should include the following components:
Server Components which make a functional server application to support
communication between multiple mobile clients, (8 marks)
Server Messaging where either EnterpriseMessaging or BrokerlessMessaging
is used to communicate between some of the server-side components,
(7 marks)
Mobile Components which make a functional mobile application with a user
interface and communication with the server, (10 marks)
Mobile Features which utilise location based services, Bluetooth, and/or near
eld communication, (10 marks)
Overall Design and Utility of the system, which should have a clear design
and separation of components, and provide a useful application to multiple
users, (10 marks)
Demonstration of features of the complete system within four days of the
submission date. (5 marks)
Please indicate to the grader whether each person has agreed to be graded
individually for speci c features, or whether the overall grade should be split



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