Java代写 | EECS 2030 Assignment 2 Fall 2020


EECS 2030 Assignment 2
Fall 2020

Problem Description:
In this assignment, you are going to generate a transcript for students. Information about the
students, the courses that they have taken, and the grades that they have received for different
activities of a course are stored in a text file. Your program reads the text file and generates a
transcript and write it to another text file.
First let us have a look at the format of the text file. The text file contains several rows, each dedicated
to one course for one student. In each line you see:

Task 1:
In this assignment, we are not going to tell you what to do step by step. Instead we ask you to implement our
design that can be seen in the UML diagram below. In this diagram, you see all the classes, their attributes,
methods, and relationship with each other, that you need to develop.
Please note that
❖ you can find the explanation about each class and its methods in the glossary at the final page of this
❖ not all the required methods can be seen in this diagram (and also in the glossary). Specifically
speaking, I have removed all the accessors and mutators to let you decide, which class requires one.
❖ All the methods that are seen in the UML must be implemented.
❖ In case you needed to add helper methods to make your code more readable, you are welcome to do
so. However, make sure that your helper methods are defined private.
❖ You should not add any attributes to the classes.
Task 2: Exception Handling
It is time to handle the exceptions. It is possible that the total weight of the assessment in a row of the file does
not add up to 100. Also, it is possible that the total grade of a student is more than 100. These two cases are
wrong and therefore, an exception should be thrown. You should write your own exception that is called
InvalidTotalException, that can be used for both the flawed situations.
This exception should be handled in the method called addGrade.



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