Java代写 | ITEC103 Assignment 2 – Searching and Sorting on


ITEC103 Assignment 2 – Searching and Sorting on
Point3D Array (Individual Assignment)
You need to download and import the template project from the archive
A base class for this assignment is the Point3D class that represents a 3D-point.
A complete implementation of this class is provided in the template file.
Complete the methods in that operate on array of Point3D objects. Some
of these methods are based on problem solving and some require a further understanding of
searching and sorting. The list of methods (along with marks out of 100 for each method) are
below (in suggested order of completion),
1. 15 marks: linearSearch
2. 20 marks: binarySearch
3. 25 marks: insertionSort
4. 25 marks: selectionSort
Declare an object of Point3DArray and create 10 Point3D objects for the Point3DArray.
Test the searching and sorting algorithms implemented in
15 marks: Point3DArrayClient test
Submitting Your Work
1. Export Assignment2 project by your
2. Upload the archived project to Moodle submission link
Penalties you will get
20% penalty if there is a compilation error
10% penalty if you don’t submit the files as suggested
10% penalty if you don’t add your name to archived project


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