Java代写 | MET CS622 Final Project


MET CS622 Final Project Description
You can do your final project in a team of one to three student (no more than three
The dataset you have for your homework for smartwatches should be used for your final
1. You need to create a chatbot that includes a graphical user interface (GUI). The chatbot
allows the user to query the target dataset with plain language queries. The chatbot queries
could be similar to what you have done in your homework. But, you need to have a GUI as
well. You are free to chose the GUI, including,, or
even a desktop UI.
2. Similar to the existing chatbot, the GUI should contain a history and track what the user
have asked and what system has reported back to the user.
3. The chatbot should be implemented in (i) brute force (plain file search), (ii) Lucene, (iii)
MongoDB and (iv) MySQL. Note that you did the three first methods in your homeworks,
but you have not implemented MySQL in your homework, now you should transfer the
dataset into MySQL and implement it as well.
4. Similar to your homework 5, you need to compare the performance of different search
methods and report them in your presentation with charts and diagrams.
5. If you intend to perform your project in a group, your last presentation slide should explain
the role of each individual student in the project.
6. Your presentation should include visualization, screenshots of your chatbot and you should
be able to test it live in class.
7. Please prepare to present ~20 minutes your project. The presentation dates will be on 4th
December and 11th December.
8. Groups or individuals who decide to present 4th December will get 15% extra credits in
their grade, even if it falls higher than the 25% grade of the final project. All remaining
groups must present their final project on 11th December.


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