Java代写 | Peer-to-Peer Networks (COSC1233/1235)


Peer-to-Peer Networks (COSC1233/1235)

Task 1 Chord Load Balancing based on virtual server (6 marks)
1) Referenced to the virtual server ppt, draw a block diagram to show how the load is shifted
from heavy loaded nodes to light loaded nodes using a pool. (4 marks)
2) Explain how the virtual server load balancing maps application layer overlay. (2 marks)
Task 2 Distributed Hash Table and implementation (4 marks)
You are required to implement an executable Distributed Hash Table (DHT), in which the (key,
value) pairs are stored.
• Any participating node can retrieve the values associated with a key.
• Insert (key, value) the DHT, remove (key, value) and exit from the DHT.
• Extend the DHT for routing using finger tables.
• Produce a screenshot and a simple user manual to show how to run your code.


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