Java代写 | Project 1: Setup AWS, MySQL, JDBC, Tomcat, Start Fabflix



1. Setup an AWS Instance (

2. Setup MySQL and Tomcat (

3. Create a MySQL Database on the development machine

4. Setup IDE on the development machine (

5. (
fablix-application) Implement Movie List Page, Single Movie Page, Single Star Page
page-single-star-page) (
list-page-single-movie-page-single-star-page) (


As a summary we require 2 things for the demo:

1. A screen recording demo video showing your web application working on AWS.
2. Leave an AWS instance running (with web application deployed) for manual check.

Here are the details:

Screen recording demo video

The entire demo should be on AWS. NO local demo allowed.

You need a terminal that connects to AWS and a web browser open to the tomcat manager page
on AWS (http://<AWS public IP>:8080/manager/html).

Use screen recording tools (e.g, QuickTime Player for macOS and Open Broadcaster Software
for Windows, or other equivalents)

Please keep the length of the video within 15 minutes. However, do NOT edit the video in any
way. Otherwise, it could be treated as cheating.

Upload the video to Youtube or other public media hosting websites, then include your video URL
(publicly accessible) in, submit it on GitHub.

Preparation before the demo:

ssh onto AWS instance.
on AWS instance, drop the MySQL database `moviedb`.
remove your git repo from the AWS instance, the demo should start with a freshly cloned
prepare movie-data.sql (could be modified by you) and store it under `/home/ubuntu/`.
make sure MySQL and Tomcat are running on AWS instance.
Demo on AWS instance:

Commit check:

1. Clone your git repo to AWS instance: `git clone <repo url>`. This step is to make sure you
have a clean repo.

2. `cd` into your repo and run `git log`, show your latest commit.

3. Failure to show commit check will result in an instant 0 of the project.
Build a MySQL database and populate data on AWS MySQL: