Java代写 | SIT322 Cloud Systems, T 1 2020 Assignment 1


SIT322 Cloud Systems, T 1 2020
Assignment 1, Research and Analysis Report
1. Compare four cloud platforms/providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
Platform, and OpenStack) with respect to, a) pricing structure, b) service for
computing, c) service for storage, and d) types of services they offer (example data
analytics etc.). [5 marks]
2. What are various simulation tools available in Cloud Computing for research? Explain
any one in brief. [5 marks]
3. How Graph Theory is useful in cloud computing? Given an example scenario. [5 marks]
Section B [20 Marks]
Feasibility Analysis
4. Choose any one Open Source cloud platform for you to work. Do the feasibility analysis
of the scenario given below. Write a report to show that how will you porotype the
scenario. Are there enough tools, resources to realise the scenario practically?
Step 1. Set up two small network clusters (may be non-cloud) having at-least 5-10 end
users in each. The users of a cluster can connect their device to that cluster using
wireless technology, however, the clusters are not connected to each other. The
clusters are connected to one cloud server which is responsible for information
exchange between cluster’s nodes. This cloud server might be connected to 1 or more
other VMs that process data. [5 marks]
Step 2. Generate a random traffic from cluster 1 to 2, and observe the communication
happens successfully. [5 marks]
Step 3. Perform some data manipulation/processing (task) on the cloud (details of
processing is at your discretion and you can write your own program for it, but it should
involve manipulating, querying or transforming data from one cluster to another in
some ways using cloud hosted VMs). Calculate the response time or computation time,
of server, of task completion. [10 Marks]
In order to get assessed, you must address all the following challenges which we believe
you will encounter. Challenges you will face:
• How to set up small end user network clusters?
• How you connect the clusters with cloud server?
• How will you generate traffic?
• How the traffic from Cluster A successfully reached to Cluster B, did you face


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