Java代写 | SIT707 Assignment 3 – A Report of White Box Testing


SIT707 Software Quality and Testing 2020 T2
Assignment 3 – A Report of White Box Testing (40 marks)

1. To understand the critical issues in testing.
2. To demonstrate the ability to research and apply proper techniques to conduct white
box testing and evaluate the quality of software.
3. To write a proper essay for a specific topic and presenting / arguing the findings.
Problem Statement
Upon satisfactory completion of this assignment you will be able to contribute to industry
research and development projects in the context of software engineering, analyze
gathered information, and present your findings. To demonstrate your achievement of
these goals, you must write a 3,000-word report regarding this test. Your report should
consist of the following chapters:
1. A proper title that matches the contents of your report.
2. Your name and Deakin student number in the author line.
3. An executive summary that summarizes your findings. (You may find hints on
writing good executive summaries from
4. An introduction chapter that explains your chosen program (including different
features, components and functionalities), white box testing method & tool and the
organization of the rest of your report.
5. An evaluation and justification chapter of your chosen testing method and tool(s)
based on the program.
6. An analysis chapter that consists of analysis of your white box testing approach, and
validity of your testing approaches. If you use unit testing, you should produce results
similar to the example shown in week 5’s lecture (see slides 55, 56 and 57). Note that
we expect you to focus on analysis of the codes for white-box testing/structural testing,
for example, analysis of the paths (e.g., McCabe path, Def-Use path) in unit testing
and MM path for integration testing, etc.
7. A test case chapter that lists your test cases and explains why you would use each of


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