本次澳洲代写主要为Java GUI的exam prework

The APIs are divided up into 2 categories – an ‘input’ list API, and an ‘output’ list API (note that you may need
to both send and receive information from either category, it is a thematic difference rather than a purely
technical one). You will be assigned 1 API from each category – in essence your application will take
information from one API and output it in some way through another.
You grade is determined by the completion level of the API. Each version will follow a similar scheme:

You will be given an entity, and you need to display information about it. This entity is derived from your input
API. There may be multiple steps required to build this entity. You may need to perform an operation on this
entity after you have derived it. Your task is to display this entity in a way that would be useful to a user –
detailed UI requirements will not be mandated, but you should ensure that the presented information of your
entity is easily readable, and the interaction is simple.
Instructions are given about the report that should be produced for your output API. This report is related to
the entity you have built.
Cached items: this is something you need to cache in your local SQLite database each time it is retrieved from
the API. If a user requests a matching item, you need to ask the user if they would like to just use the cached
version, or grab a fresh copy from the API (and update the DB version along with it).
The distinction requirement is the same for all: you need to separate out the GUI thread from the API requests
/ database access thread. The GUI must remain live and responsive during API request. It is suggested to use
the provisions in your chosen GUI library to help with this.
Other requirements
Note that the above requirements are feature requirements only, and should be considered as a ‘ceiling’ – that
is, if you do not implement the Credit requirements, your maximum mark is 64%. How close to your earned
ceiling your mark reaches, is based on the design, process, testing, style, and documentation requirements
listed later, as well as from your work during the exam period itself.

Entity: The entity you need to derive from this API, and any extra features that are required.
Report data: The data you will need to send to the output API when the user requests.
Database caching: What should be stored in the database and offered in place of a fresh web call.



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