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Object-Oriented Programming,这次作业的目的是使用Java实现简单的文本处理和过滤。

This is an individual project, to be completed on your own. It is considered dishonest either to read someone else’s solution or to provide a classmate with a copy of your work. Do not make the mistake of thinking that superficial changes in a program (such as altering comments,
changing variable names, or interchanging statements) can be used to avoid detection. If you cannot do the work yourself, it is extremely unlikely that you can succeed in disguising someone else’s work. We are adamant that cheating in any form is not tolerated. Even the
most trivial assignment is better not done than if you cheat to complete it.

1. Primitives
2. Strings
3. Scanners
4. Conditionals
5. Loops

Learning Objectives
1. Critical Thinking
2. Problem Solving
3. Parsing and modifying complex Strings

Text manipulation is one of the most commonly needed routines in computer science. Consider a company like Twitter. They see millions of tweets every day, of all shapes and sizes. It may be incumbent upon them to censor out certain (vulgar) words in certain circumstances, or to
provide text editing features to make composing tweets easier (such as find and replace). Also consider a game like World of Warcraft, which may want to censor out personal information (such as email addresses) from its in-game chat window in real-time, in order to prevent
breaches of privacy.

Several years after graduating from Purdue, you and a group of your old buddies from college decide to make a startup social networking company. Looking back at what you learned, you think fondly of your days in CS180, and decide to implement the new platform using Java 🙂

After launching your network, your users have been outspoken at their delight for a new and unique experience. However, users would like to share information privately between other users – or to the world – and have tools available to filter that information as they see fit. Your
company has decided to implement some of the most requested features as an addition to your social network, which are explained in more detail below.

This project is separated into 4 parts that you have to complete:
1. Part 1: Censoring Words
2. Part 2: Replacing Words
3. Part 3: Censoring Personal Information
4. Part 4: Filtering multiple times

This project is split up into four parts: Censoring and Replacing Words, Censoring Personal Information and Filtering multiple times. Each one of these parts was explained in detail above, and will require you to think about the reading, parsing and changing of Strings using the
programming tools you have learned thus far.

If you have not read or skipped the instructions for Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 above, please go back and read them before continuing!

You are being given a skeleton code that outlines what parts you need to implement and suggestions on where you should implement them.
● Please read over this file as well as the rest of the handout before you begin coding.
● Areas where you will need to implement your code have been marked with TODO comments.
○ DO NOT alter the given skeleton code outside of these TODOs. Doing so may result in the failure of test cases during grading!
● You can access the skeleton code in Vocareum.



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