Java游戏代写|Homework 6 HTW VIEW

本次美国Java游戏代写是一个Java Swing迷宫游戏的assignment

It wasn’t long before the popularity of the text-based Hunt the Wumpus game became a graphical
game. Here is a video of an early version developed for the TI-99:

In this version of Hunt the Wumpus, the part of the program that interfaces with the user, the view,
has been replaced with an interactive graphical user interface (GUI). In a more modern
implementation, the GUI would:

1. expose all game settings through menus. These settings include maze size, number of walls,
number of players (1 or 2), and difficulty (specified as number of superbats, pits, etc).

2. provide an option for restarting the game as a new game or as the same game (with the same
random seed resulting in the same maze).

3. allow the maze to be bigger than the area allocated to it on the screen providing the ability to
scroll the view.

4. allow the player to move through the maze using a mouse click in addition to the keyboard arrow
keys. A click on an invalid space in the game would not advance the game.

5. provide an option for two-players where players take turns making moves or shooting arrows as
they race to be the first to kill the Wumpus. In this mode, the rules of the game remain the same
as before. The game ends when one player has killed the Wumpus, or both players have died.
Arrows shot by the players miraculously miss the other player.

6. provide a clear indication of the results of each action a player takes as well as whose turn it is.

What To Do

Design and add an optional graphical user interface view for your implementation of Hunt the
Wumpus (your implementation should still be able to operate in text-based mode). While the choices
about layout and behavior are up to you, your graphical user interface should have all of the features
of the modern implementation listed above and obey the following constraints:

1. You must use Java Swing to build your graphical user interface. You may find the GridLa\out
(hWWps://\oXW/grid.hWml) useful.

2. The view should begin with a mostly blank screen and display only the pieces of the maze that
have been revealed by the user’s exploration of the caves and tunnels. In two-player mode, the
areas explored by both players should be visible.

3. If the game is in two player mode, the view must identify which player is currently taking their turn.

4. Each user interaction or user input must be reasonably user-friendly (e.g. making the user type
the path to a file is poor UI design). We do not expect snazzy, sophisticated user-friendly
programs. Our standard is: can a user unfamiliar with your code and technical documentation
operate the program correctly without reading \our code and technical documentation?


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