Java代写 | 数据结构 CSI213 Data Structures Project4

Project 04
Part I: General project information ……………………………………………………………………………………… 02 Part II: Project grading rubric……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 02 Part III: Examples on how to meet project requirements……………………………………………………… 03 Part IV: Project description ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 06

Part I: General Project Information
All projects are individual projects unless it is notified otherwise. No late projects will be accepted. A project will receive no credit if one the following is true.
Students must turn in their original work. Any copied work from others and/or Internet such as will not be credited. Any cheating violation will be reported to the college. Students can help others by sharing ideas, but not by allowing others to copy their work.
All projects must be submitted via Blackboard. No late projects will be accepted. Documents to be submitted as a zipped file:
• UML class diagram(s) – created with Violet UML, ArgoUML, or StarUML
• Java source file(s) with Javadoc inline comments – (Java classes created with eclipse.)
• Supporting files if any (For example, files containing all testing data.)
Students are required to submit a design, all error-free source files that compile with Javadoc inline comments, and supporting files. Lack of any of the required items will result in a really low credit or no credit.
Part II: Project grading rubric
All projects will be evaluated based upon the following software development activities.
• Does the software meet the exact specification / customer requirements?
• Does the software solve the exact problem? Design:
• Is the design efficient? Code:
• Are there errors?
• Are code conventions followed?
• Does the software use the minimum computer resource (computer memory and processing
• Is the software reusable?
• Are comments completely written in Javadoc format?
a. Class comments must be included in Javadoc format before a class header.
b. Method comments must be included in Javadoc format before a method header.
c. More inline comments must be included in either single line format or block format
inside each method body.
d. All comments must be completed in correct format such as tags, indentation etc.
• The project is late.
• The project is a copy and modification of another student’s project. (Both will receive 0.)
• The project is copied from Internet or other resources.
Max points
UML Design (See an example in part II.)
Max. 10 points
Javadoc Inline comments (See an example in part II.)
Max. 10 points
The rest of the project
Max. 40 points

• Are there bugs in the software? Documentation:
• Complete all documentations that are required.
Part III: Examples on how to meet project requirements
To complete a project, the following steps of a software development cycle should be followed. These steps are not pure linear but overlapped.
1) Read project description to understand all specifications(Analysis).
2) Create a design (an algorithm for method or a UML class diagram for a class) (Design) 3) Create Java programs that are translations of the design. (Code/Implementation)
4) Test and debug, and (test/debug)
5) Complete all required documentation. (Documentation)
The following shows a sample design.
The corresponding source codes with inline Javadoc comments are included on next page.

import java.util.Random;
* Representing a dog with a name.
* @author Qi Wang
* @version 1.0
Comments for fields are required.
* Constructs a newly created Dog object that represents a dog with an empty name.
A description of the method, comments on
public class Dog{
open {
* The name of this dog
public Dog(){
private String name;
open {
* Constructs a newly created Dog object withifaanyamaer.e required. = name; }
* Returns a string representation of this dog. The returned string contains the type of
parameters if any, and comments on the return type
* @param name The name of this dog
public Dog(String name){ } = name;
A Javadoc comment for a formal parameter consists of three parts:
– parameter tag,
– a name of the formal parameter in the design ,
(The name must be consistent in the comments and the header.)
– and a phrase explaining what this parameter specifies.
A Javadoc comment for return type consists of two parts: – return tag,
– and a phrase explaining what this returned value specifies
* Returns the name of this dog.
* @return The name of this dog
public String getName(){ } return;
* Changes the name of this dog.
* @param name The name of this dog
public void setName(String name){
* this dog and the name of this dog.
* @return A string representation of this dog
return this.getClass().getSimpleName() + “: ” +; }
* Indicates if this dog is “equal to” some other object. If the other object is a dog,
* this dog is equal to the other dog if they have the same names. If the other object is
* not a dog, this dog is not equal to the other object.
* @param obj A reference to some other object
* @return A boolean value specifying if this dog is equal to some other object
More inline comments can be included in single line or block comments format in a method. 4
public String toString(){
public boolean equals(Object obj){
//The specific object isn’t a dog. if(!(obj instanceof Dog)){
return false;
Method comments must be written in Javadoc format before the method header. the first word must be a capitalized verb in the third person. Use punctuation marks properly.
Class comments must be written in Javadoc format before the class header. A description of the class, author information and version information are required.

//The specific object is a dog.
return; }
Dog other = (Dog)obj;

Part IV: Project description
Project 4 An address book
Write a program (ADT Address Book) that maintains person records. A person record contains a person’s name, address, and telephone number. You should be able to enter, delete, search, and get a person’s record. Assume that all names are unique. An address book should be sorted by names. A person’s name should be the search key when a person record is located in an address book. It is required to use a binary search tree as the data structure in the implementation of the ADT Address book. This ADT address book can be used to store information of your friends and relatives.
ADT Address Book Specification:
Specify operations to
• create an empty address book,
• insert a new person record into this address book,
• delete a person record from this address book,
• search a person record in this address book,
• get a reference to a person record from this address book,
• check how many person records are there in this address book, • check to see if the address book is empty,
• and completely empty this address book.
Note: Since all person records are stored in the binary search tree of this address book, insertion, deletion, search, and retrieval in this address book should be conducted in the binary search tree of this address book.

The following classes need to be designed to represent a variety of objects that are involved.
• Class PersonRecord represents a person record in an address book. A person record object contains the person’s
name, address, and a phone number.
Iris Watson name
P.O. Box 283 8562 Fusce Rd. Frederick NE 20620
Phone number
• Class Address represents a mailing address. An address object contains street, city, state, and zip code For example, the following show a full address.
P.O. Box 283 8562 Fusce Rd. Frederick NE 20620
• Generic class BinarySearchTree class represents a binary search tree. A binary search tree can be used to store a list of comparable objects of any types. To constrain E, a type parameter in a generic class, to be classes that implement Comparable interface, in BinarySearchTree, add E extends Comparable<E> into the bracket in the class header.
public class BinarySearchTree<E extends Comparable<E>>
The constraint <E extends AClass > establishes AClass as an upper bound for E. The constraint says E may be any subclass of AClass.
• Generic class AddressBook represents an ADT address book. An address book is required to be implemented using data structure, a binary search tree.
• All other classes have been discussed in class. See class notes for more details. Code:
Please choose a generic element type. All source files must include comments in Javadoc format.
To test the project, a driver with a helper class is needed. In the helper class, use the testing data to create an address book containing the original list of person records, and test the entire design completely. The following contains starter source codes for the helper class.
ZIP code
public class ADTAddressBookUtility { …
public static void start() throws FileNotFoundException{ AddressBook<PersonRecord> list = new AddressBook<PersonRecord>(); //Fill the address book.
//Display the address book.
private static void fillList(AddressBook<PersonRecord> list) …{…}
private static void displayList(AddressBook<PersonRecord> list){ … } }

Note: The following testing data is saved into a file named personrecords.txt. A tab is used as the delimiter.
first_name last_name street
New Orleans Brighton Bridgeport Anchorage Hamilton Ashland Chicago
San Jose Sioux Falls Baltimore Kulpsville Middle Island Los Angeles Chagrin Falls Laredo Phoenix
Mc Minnville Milwaukee Taylor Rockford Aston
San Jose Irving
Albany Middlesex Stevens Point Shawnee Easton
New York Conroe Columbus
Las Cruces Ridgefield Park Dunellen
New York Metairie
New York Camarillo
San Antonio Abilene Prineville Overland Park Fairbanks Miami
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