本次加拿大作业是使用Java开发一个电力计费系统的Java GUI代写assignment

1. Information that you need to store is

a. Account number, bill date, Owner name, Owner address, arrears, previous meter
reading, current meter reading, total unit, current charge, Total bill

2. Formula/ calculation

a. Total unit = current meter reading – previous meter reading

b. Current charge

i. Please refer to
melambung-selepas-301-kwj for the rate that based on the number of


c. Total bill
i. arrears + current charge

3. Operation

a. Add/ store data into file – all data . refer to 1. a. Display an appropriate message when
data has been saved successfully into file. The information of total unit, current
charge, and total bill must be calculated first. Then, you can save it into text file. You

b. Search – search by account number. If it is found, all information about the searched
record will be displayed. If data is not found, display an appropriate message.

c. Display all records

i. Display all records that you have saved into text file.

d. Edit

i. Before editing, you are required to search first. Search can be done through
owner account number. When a record is found, you can edit the record and
display an appropriate message.

ii. When the record is not found, display an appropriate message

e. Delete

i. Before deleting a record, you are required to search first. Then, you can delete
the record and display an appropriate message.

ii. When the record is not found, display an appropriate message

f. Reset – It is only can be used when you apply the Graphical User Interface (GUI). It
will reset all the fields in the GUI.

g. Exit – it will exit from the system of GUI system.

1) Your group is required to develop a GUI application system in Java programming language
that fulfil the following requirements:

a. User Defined classes – at least 3 classes

i. The use of constructor, getter methods, setter methods

b. create user interface using Graphical User Interface (GUI) will multiple GUI
component such as label, text field, combo box, text area, radio button etc.

c. Use text file to store data permanently (write and read)

d. Exception Handling

e. Array of Object, or ArrayList

f. A system must be a user friendly system for each function . For example, you can
display an appropriate message either successful or not successful such as

ii. the record has been saved successfully in the text file,

iii. the data has been updated successfully,

iv. the data has been removed successfully

v. Sorry, the data is not found

vi. Etc

g. Cannot use JTable


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