Java GUI代写 | ITECH2306 Assignment 3 Real-Estate Agency GUI-based Records System

本次澳洲代写主要为使用Java GUI制作房地产经纪程序的assignment

ITECH2306 Assignment 3 Real-Estate Agency GUI-based Records System

Tasks to be completed
The following is a description of the tasks you and your partner may want to complete to address the needs
of this assignment:
1. Read through the entire assignment task description to understand what the program needs to
achieve and how you will be assessed.
2. Decide which of you will be Person 1, and which of you will be Person 2, as there are specific tasks
to be done by each member of your small group.
3. You may like to develop a class diagram to organise your thoughts. (This is not marked.)
4. Decide a team name, perhaps made by combining your names. Then one of you needs to accept
the GitHub Classroom assignment by clicking the link in Moodle (underneath the link you clicked to
obtain this document) to create your team, then create your repository. Then the other student can
accept the assignment and select the team created by the first student,, then you will both have
access to the repository and will be able to clone/link it into your own IDE as you have done in some
of the lab classes.
5. Start coding, by working on one functional requirement to start with. Develop code to address it.
Once that functional requirement is fully addressed/working and tested, commit the code to the
repository (you can commit more frequently if you wish), then take another functional requirement
and repeat the process. Because you are now working with a partner, you will need to regularly pull
and merge the work of your partner. Refer back to earlier week’s labs for assistance on merging (if
required). Develop code to address further requirements.
6. Complete the individual documentation requirements.
7. Submit the completed work.
Assessment Details
You are to develop a GUI-based application for use by a real estate agency. The real estate agency’s key
customers are owners of properties that want to sell those properties, or owners of properties who want the
agency to manage a lease/rental by a tenant of that property.
The program ultimately needs to persist data about the properties, between each run of the program. To
begin with you can read some default set of data from some files being provided to you.
There are also a set of domain classes provided that you can use to commence your coding.
The work for this assignment is to be done in pairs.

Context/Background Information
The real-estate agency is a business which interact with property owners, and either buyers or people called
tenants who want to use a property that is owned by someone else (because the owner has decided that the
property will be made available for a tenant to use, in exchange for a regular fee called the ‘rent’). The real-
estate agency provides a service to the owners (and also to tenants): for example, by making available a list
of properties for sale, a person can find out about the properties they might be interested to buy.
In order to keep track of all the properties, and the owners of the properties, the agency wants a computer
program which allows them to enter the information, and retrieve the information in the form of reports that
they could print-out.

Provided code files
You are being provided with code files that implement the key domain classes:
 Seller represents a type of Owner who wants to sell a property through the real-estate agency.

 Landlord represents a type of Owner who wants to let a tenant lease the property for a fee, paid
through the real-estate agency (for convenience and for a degree of separation mediated by staff
who are experienced in dealing with tenants).
 SaleProperty represents a type of Property that is currently being marketed for sale to anyone who
would like to buy it.
 RentalProperty represents a type of Property that is currently being leased by a tenant.

Provided Data Files
You are provided with 2 data files that conform to the following described file-formats. The files use a format
based on the style called CSV (Comma Separated Values), which means that each field of a record is
separated by a comma, in a plain-text file. Microsoft Excel can interpret a CSV file and shows each field in a
separate column.
When marking your work, the marker may use different data files (e.g. with more data), but they will conform
to the format describe below. Your program should work with any conforming data files.



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