Java代写OpenGL | COM3503 3D Computer Graphics: Assignment (50%)



COM3503 3D Computer Graphics: Assignment (50%)

1. Introduction
The assignment will involve using modern OpenGL to render a scene. Scene graphs are required in the modelling process and animation controls are required for hierarchical models.

2. The task
Figure 1 shows a room scene containing a table and a window looking out onto a view. There is a noticeboard on one wall. On the table is an unusual angle-poise lamp, a mini helicopter-like object, a piece of paper and a drawing pen.
The whole scene can be modelled using planes, cubes and spheres.

3. Requirements
You must satisfy all the following requirements:
• Only two walls and a floor for the room should be modelled. The walls and floor should be texture mapped to look like a room in a house. For example,the floor could be made of wood. The walls may have wallpaper on them or a paint pattern.
• The table can be modelled as one scaled flat cube on top of four legs made out of cubes. The table should be texture-mapped, for example, to look like wood or some other material.
• The hierarchical model of the basic angle-poise lamp (see Figure 2) should be made up of five parts: a base,a lower arm, an upper arm, and a head, which contains a protruding lightbulb (a nose) in the shape of a cube (the details of the lighting technology used are not important). There are also some additional pieces.

o The base is fixed at one position on the table.
Three other parts can articulate as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2. The lower arm can rotate about the connection point with the base in two directions (around the vertical y axis and around
the x axis), the upper arm can rotate about the lower arm (like an elbow joint, the x axis) and the head can rotate about the upper arm (in one axis,the x axis). (The x axis could be substituted by the z axis if you prefer.) The lightbulb shines in the same direction that the head is pointing in, as indicated by the dotted lines in Figures 1 and 2.
o A company is using this lamp in an advertising campaign in which they hope to sell more interesting angle-poise lamps. Thus, you need to add some decorative pieces that make the lamp look unusual or like an animal (see Figure 2). Do not just copy the decorative pieces used in Figure 2; invent your own pieces. For example, you might add a hat or make the ears more interesting, or add some hair, or horns, or a larger nose, or a different tail or a different base.
o Use simple objects for the individual parts, i.e. scaled spheres or cubes. For example, in Figure 2, the head is made from a combination of a cube for the lamp head and a cube for the bulb, with some other cubes and spheres for the decorations.
Cubes and spheres are the only pieces needed to model the lamp. The hierarchy and associated transformations are more important than the quality of the pieces in the hierarchy. I want you to demonstrate that you understand transformations and a scene graph hierarchy.
o The pieces of the lamp must be texture-mapped.
For example, you might decide to make the pieces spotty to look like a particular animal.


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