JavaFX代写 | COMP2042 CW Software Maintenance Spec Sheet


COMP2042 CW Software Maintenance Spec Sheet

What to produce:
• A file (max. 500 words), documenting the work you conducted (highlighting the
key changes you made for maintenance and extension, where you made them, and why you
made them)
• High level class diagram thatshowsthe structure of the final version of your game (considering
only classes (excluding fields and methods, unless they are relevant for understanding design
principles/patterns), interfaces, relationships, and multiplicity). If you use software to reverse
engineer your class diagram, make sure the delivered diagram is correct and followsthe above
• The source code documentation (Javadocs) should be delivered in form of a Javadoc folder
inside your project folder. Besides reading your file we will look at the Javadocs
to find out how you maintained and extended the game. If it is not obvious from there we
might miss it. So, please make sure to provide informative but concise Javadocs.
• Finally, you have to make a video (very briefly) showing your software running and then (for
the main part) explaining your refactoring activities and additions. You should also highlight
two achievements you are most proud of.
• This coursework is about maintaining and extending existing code. So, for the maintenance
part you have to use the existing code as a basis, and not write your own Frogger game from
For moderate marks:
• Set up a git repository in GitHub and use it actively for version control activities
• Do some basic maintenance of the delivered code base (e.g. adding meaningful Javadocs,
organising files in a meaningful way into packages, breaking up large classes in a meaningful
way to support the idea of single responsibility, improving encapsulation, etc.)
• Extend the delivered code base by adding:
o A START screen, displaying a picture related to the game and a button that provides
access to a INFO screen explaining the game operation.
o A HIGH SCORE popup, appearing at the end of each round, showing the scores from
each round, highest at the top
For higher marks: In addition to the previous, do some of the following…
• Refactor the code by adding some design patterns to enhance maintainability
• Organize the code to adhere to the MVC pattern
• Create a permanent high score list (using a file to store scores)
• Add interesting levels to the game (either follow the original Frogger game levels or come up
with your own ideas)
• Add meaningful JUnit tests
• Use build files (Ant or Maven or Gradle)
You have to use Java 10 or higher and JavaFX 10 or higher for the implementation. The project files
you are submitting need to be either compatible with Eclipse or IntelliJ.


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