Javascript代写 | COMP1111 Programming Assignment 1: Client-side scripting


COMP1111 Programming
Assignment 1: Client-side scripting

2. Requirements
I. Develop a JavaScript programme that will:
 include control statements, objects and include get/set operations
 include JavaScript classes, with: constructors
 showcase the principles of abstraction, modelling, prototypal inheritance
 apply imperative programming principles
 apply DOM
II. Consider user interfacing
 present your programme as a web application, by writing a set of HTML pages and
CSS files
 adapt your web application for mobile devices
III. Apply good programming practices by:
 using tools that support software development, i.e. web frameworks, Git, etc.
 demonstrating code reuse
 writing documentation – communicate technical information about your system by
using JSDoc
 accounting for code quality (you can use ESLint rule below, standard or
ESLint rules for code quality: You can use this .eslintrc.js
module.exports = {
“extends”: “standard”,
“rules”: {
“semi”: [2, “always”],
“indent”: “off”
Application domain
Develop a web application that will provide the latest information on Covid-19 in a specific
area in the UK (or your country of origin). Note that you will not be evaluated on your data
analytics skills; the focus here is on assessing your client-side scripting knowledge and skills.
Note: Alternatively, you can look for Covid-19 information with a greater focus on e.g.
biological or medical aspects.
The application has to include the following functionality:
 input interface, with an option for the user to input information (input text, select from
options, etc.), e.g. on location, age, health condition, etc.
 and output interface, that will use a variety of methods to present output information
to the user, including most of the following:
– textual content
– images, videos
– image maps
– maps
– interactive visualizations – graphs, charts, diagrams.
Mandatory content to include on your web page/application:
 number of infected and death cases (trends over a certain period of time) -> based on
that to label the area as low, medium or high risk;
 government advice, restriction measures for individuals to follow (work, socializing,
 maps with the most affected locations/clusters;
 availability of hospitals.
Additionally, select any two of the following to also include:
 shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs opening times and other measures they abide by;
 effect on public transport services;
 effect on economy/business -> trends over a certain period of time;
 effect on population’s mental health -> trends over a certain period of time.


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