Javascript代写 | CPSC 314 Web Project Deliverable 2


CPSC 314 Web Project Deliverable 2

Web Project Front-End Tasks
This web project deliverable should be your “mostly” complete front-end user interface based on the
approved web project proposal you submitted previously. It should look and feel like a completed web
site but does not need to handle any back-end logic or database access.
Functional Requirements
All 10 (at a minimum) of your functional requirements listed in your project proposal should be
supported by the final submission of this web project deliverable.
This does not mean you need to implement any of your back-end interactions, it means the user
interface level interaction that results in completion of a functional requirement needs to be present.
Any back-end logic may be “hard coded” to simulate the action. For example, instead of the (future)
required database request you may have a static “response” from a JavaScript function. An example
from the functional requirement in the WPD1 prompt (“Users must be able to leave a comment at the
bottom of each blog page”) that would meet this requirement is to dynamically insert a comment at the
bottom of the blog page from a static string in a JavaScript function so it looks like the comment was
posted but would not require any information to be sent or stored in a database – from the end-user
perspective, they have left a comment at the bottom of the blog page (refreshing the page would make
the comment disappear).
For each of the 10 function requirements, clearly document the interaction process in a “step-by-step
tutorial” manner. Use my tutorial documents as an example of what I’m looking for (e.g., the 1G. GitHub
Tutorial document). Note that you do not need to demonstrate the back-end aspect of these functional
requirements, only the front-end user interaction.
Version Control
You will be graded on your use of git version control. You will lose points if your only commit history is
your initial commit and/or you only have one bulk commit! Commit early and often as reasonable (a
good rule of thumb is to commit after completing a feature/fix) while you implement features and/or
functional requirements. At a minimum, you are expected to have 11 commits – an initial commit with
your README and one commit for each of your (10) functional requirements.


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