JavaScript代写 | Writing Conditional Statements With Boolean Logic

本次美国代写主要为JavaScript相关的conditional statement

About this project part
Throughout this module, we have practiced planning and constructing complex
conditional statements. In this project, you will put those skills to use to validate a
complex form. Validation is important since it controls what responses our users
can submit to our form. However, good validation requires thinking about and
planning out our logical expressions. In this project, you will plan out and then
program a concise form validator using an if-else statement.

1. For the project, you will be creating another part of the form for checking in
to our conference. This form allows users to check which table they will be
checking in at: when they submit the form, it tells them whether they will be
checking in at the standard or expedited table.
2. Your code for this exercise should have a SINGLE if or if-else statement in
it. The challenge here is constructing the logical expression (hint: you may
want to think back to the previous project part).
3. We have included code so that the info message is removed whenever the
user makes a change; you should not be concerned about this for now.
4. Additionally, below is a table of the message elements and their
corresponding IDs so that you can target them with document.getElementById():

Element ID
Standard Table Message standard-table-message
Expedited Table Message expedited-table-message

Remember to plan out your steps first, then begin to code. We’ve provided
a file for you to use for planning your project.
Once you’ve completed work on your code, click the index.html tab in the pane on
the right to test your work. Open the console.html tab in the pane on the right to
assist in debugging your code. When you are satisfied with your work, click the Mark
as Complete button below to submit your code for grading.

As a reminder:
During registration, there are two tables where attendees can sign in: the standard
sign up table and the expedited sign up table.
Most will check in at the standard sign up table. However, if a speaker is arriving
during the rush hour (the time period when most people sign in for the day), they
are permitted to sign in at the expedited table. Additionally, attendees (not
speakers) who need a hotel and are arriving during regular hours (not the rush
hour) may sign in at the expedited table.
The corresponding truth table that we created for this scenario looked like this:
Speaker: True if the attendee is a speaker.
Rush: True if the attendee is arriving during the rush hour.
Hotel: True if the attendee needs hotel accommodations.



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