JS代考 | IP2 Midterm Assignment


Question 1
Outline your project and which extensions you are building on to the template.
(400 words)
Your answer should include:
• Which of the templates you are extending and why have you chosen to
do it.
• What extensions have you chosen to do. You should include in your
answer: any complex coding techniques you will need to use, (such as
arrays of objects, constructor functions, nested looping); the complexity
of the extension; and any expected challenges you will have
implementing it.

Question 2
Discuss the progress you have made on your project so far. (400 words)
Your answer should include:
• What design work and research you have done while developing your
extensions. You can include diagrams here in support of your answer.
This might include but not be limited to: brainstorming, interface
designs, code diagrams, and notes on the ideas and code.
You don’t have to include everything you have done up to this point but try
and be selective and select the best examples of your process.
• How much of the code have you written so far. What do you intend to
do next?

Question 3
Discuss how you will organise you time for the rest of the project. (200 words)
• Your answer should be based around a Gantt chart or other time
organisation process. You can easily make this in a spreadsheet
program and export an image or take a screenshot for inclusion here.
Any words on the diagram do not count towards the word count.
If you use a Gantt chart should include the total time of the projects in weeks.
You will also need to divide up the parts of your program and submission into
activities for allocating time to on the chart.

• Your timescales should include progress to this point as well as
• You should discuss how you have decided on the time you have
allocated to each activity and why you have allocated these amounts of
• You should make reference to your chart to clarify the points you make


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