P5.js代写 | 1701ICT Supplementary Assessment Exercise


1701ICT Creative Coding, Trimester 2, 2019
Supplementary Assessment Exercise
School of Information and Communication Technology
Griffith University
November 3, 2019
Goal Your grade for the course is currently a 3. A satisfactory solution
to this exercise will change your grade to a 4.
Marking satisfactory/unsatisfactory
Due 9.00 am Monday 18 November 2019
1 Exercise
This video shows a generative art animation: [YouTube]
Recreate a similar animation? Hints:
• The canvas is divided into square cells in which one diagonals is drawn.
• Initially the diagonals are selected at random, and over time randomly flipped.
• If the mouse pointer is moved over the canvas, the diagonals are selected that more closely point to
the mouse location, but if the mouse button is pressed the other diagonal is selected.
2 Submission
Email your solution to [email protected] by the due date. Attach only your sketch.js file. Do
not compress with zip or rar, as the email might get blocked.


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