PHP代写|COMP0178: Database Fundamentals


Coursework briefing

This document explains the arrangements for the coursework, a group project in which you will
design and build an auction system. Through this coursework you will develop your knowledge
of database technologies and your skills with database development methods.

This project runs through most of the term and counts for 50% of the marks available for the
module. The deadline for submission is 4 PM on 16 December 2021. Each week (until week 7) we
will provide a lecture-format tutorial to explain the technologies and methods you will need to
use in your projects. The project is self-directed in the sense that you will decide how you will
achieve the requirements that we set for you in the design brief below. You will likely need to
investigate additional techniques needed to implement your systems.

The coursework must be performed in groups of four and groups must be formed by the end of
the second week. By the end of the second week, your group needs to have met and discussed
the peer assessment scheme you will use. A list of students taking this module is posted on the
Moodle page to help you form groups, and an example peer assessment scheme you are
welcome to use unaltered is also uploaded. Please submit a document containing a list of your
group members and your peer assessment scheme on Moodle. Students who haven’t joined a
group by the end of the second week of term will be allocated to groups by the tutors.

Each group will build a functioning database system that achieves the capability requirements
set out below in the Design Brief. You should build your project using WAMPServer or the
equivalent for your OS (MAMP under OSX, or a version of XAMPP for Linux). WAMP provides web
server services on localhost under Windows using Apache, MySQL and PHP and is installed on
UCL lab machines. However, due to remote teaching, we recommend that you install WAMP (or
equivalent) on your own machine. You may not use any proprietary development frameworks.

You will need to populate your database with illustrative data.

You may host your project on Microsoft Azure to gain experience of hosting a real service and
managing a cloud-based MySQL instance. Azure supports PHP with MySQL integrated with
version control services such as Github. This allows groups to develop their systems on their
local or lab machines with their WAMP stack and then push their code into the cloud to run on
Azure. However, no support will be given for cloud / Azure tools by the tutors.

Your design work should be focused on the database design and follow the structured methods
taught in class. You should translate the requirements as you interpret them into what data
should be stored, the transactions those data support, how the data will be modified, and who
will have access to it. You must create an entity relationship diagram to fully represent the data
of interest and their relationships and attributes. You should translate that diagram
systematically into a database schema defining the tables and relationships for your database.

You should show that the database is in third normal form.

To start you off, the code for a partly functional website has been provided. The main things
missing are a database and PHP functions for interacting with that database. The starter code
uses the free and open source frameworks Bootstrap (CSS-based) and jQuery (JavaScript-based).


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