PHP代写 | 31748 / 32516 Internet Programming Assignment 2


31748 / 32516 Internet Programming
Assignment 2:
An Online Car Rental System using AJAX and JSON

In this assignment, you are required to develop a simplified on-line business portal (website)
for a Car Rental Company: “Hertz-UTS”. The objectives of this assignment are as follows:
1. Learn how to design your own data structure, by which, you could form your own
database using JSON Object
2. Learn how to use AJAX technique to send and retrieve data from the web server
asynchronously without interfering with the display and behaviour of the existing
3. Learn how to load a JSON file using JavaScript.
4. Learn how to parse a JSON file, extract the node values/attributes and store them in
session arrays of your DHTML pages.
5. Learn the usage of session: how to set, update, delete and destroy the session.
Assignment Requirements
1. This assignment is done individually and it counts as 35% towards your final assessment.
2. The website should be dynamic which means all the data are loaded dynamically from the
JSON file. If the contents in the JSON file change (e.g., the mileage changes to 12354 for
id=1), the pages should change as well.
3. The vehicles available for renting can be divided into three categories: Sedan, Wagon and
SUV. Each car to be stored in a JSON file is associated with the following 10 attributes:
Category Availability Brand Model Model
Mileage Fuel
Seats Price
per day
sedan Y/N Toyota Camry 2013 10000 petrol 5 $120 xxxxxxx

4. Car image samples are provided on the CANVAS
You need to create a folder “images” stores the pictures for the cars. Each image is named
according to the model of the car and the image types all are “jpg”.
Figure 1. The screenshot of the folder “images”.
Assignment Specification
This assignment requires that you do the following steps.
1. Design a JSON file “cars.json” with the structure specified in requirement 3 and store at
least 10 + car data items in the JSON file. Set up the availability state to “True” for 70%of
cars in the Warehouse, and a “False” state to the other 30%. (80 marks).
2. Use AJAX to load the JSON file “cars.json” and extract the data and save it as arrays in
your webpage. (50 marks).
3. Display the cars in a nice tabular format using the above arrays on your webpage for users
to select. (50 marks)



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